Lange Connoisseur Akademie: Lektion Zwei

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posted on Lange Forum on July 12

I was reminded my M…yes, as in Bond’s boss…me being the intrepid 00P…:-) that I have not yet reported on Lektion Zwei. My apologies, as the last few weeks have been busy with the book that I have had to push back on other activities. The book is launching today…so what can be done is already done, what cannot be done, I have to accept with humility…so a lull in the storm before the Press Conference at 3pm today…here is a portrait series from the evening.

CA2’s theme is the control of power…so the focus on the discussion was on the Lang 31’s formidable mainspring and how it is gently controlled by the remontoir. We also had great fun at preparing dinner…as you will see in the photographs below…

These are just a series of portraits of the participants, hope you enjoy them.

Franck Giacobini, Lange’s head honcho for Asia Pacific:

The mysterious M, fussing over the paperwork…

and then striking a pose, with an equally gorgeous watch on her gorgeous wrist:

Manfred Weber, watchmaker extraordinaire:

And of course, the Head of the Akademie…Principle Lange herself…Joanna:

And the participants:

My good friend and compadre Dr. Mycroft Khoo, shooting me as I was shooting him:

Veteran watch journalist and chief foodie Larry Wee:

The man who calls himself Horogasm, and king of the environmental watch shots, here shooting for his GastroHorology series:

King of the airspace…seriously, you don’t want to mess him when you are flying in or out of Singapore’s Changi Airport…he controls the traffic there…Lionel

Russell, I am not sure if he is impressed with the presentation, or just dazed…

A better portrait of Mycroft…sans the Fuji X100 on his face:

The long suffering editor of my book, Timmy Tan:

And from Pink Publicist, the PR agency of ALS, Wendy:

Horogasm again…he is almost omnipresent:

Joanna was in charge of the sorbet we had…in the background, Arthur, looking really like a chef…maybe he moonlights in the Michelin starred kitchens…

And many were trying their hand also at photographing the magnificent watches which were shown:

We did have a wonderful evening…and looking forward to Lektion Drei…soon I hope.


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