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Oldies but goodies: Urwerk 103

by Peter Chong on February 18, 2014

With hindsight, spotting a winner like the Urwerk 103.03 is easy.

But, often times, when a radically new designed watch hits the market, the collecting community reacts with awe. Sometimes with much criticism. But classics will persevere. Over time, they become lovable. The Urwerk 103 is one such watch.

The Urwerk UR103.03 was unveiled in 2005, a development of the original UR103 (2002) by opening up the dial cover to reveal the satelite system. We celebrate this with two portraits we took in Geneva recently.


This is one of my favourite Urwerks. The design is so pure, so technical. We had a lot of fun taking these photographs, and I hope you enjoy this too.

The stunning Urwerk 103.03 and the equally stunning Yacine.

The stunning Urwerk 103.03 and the equally stunning Yacine.

Which Urwerk is your favourite? Do you also like the 103 series, or the more modern 200 series. Tell us.

More on Urwerk’s new watch, when we cover Baselworld.

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