News: the German EXTREME X1 Ultralight goes online

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In July, we brought you news of a new calibre developed by TNT watches. The EX001 is manufactured using high-tech materials such as hardened aluminum and carbon fibre. Interestingly, there is a choice of customisable movement colour available at a competitive price. Using the newest technologies available in the automotive sector, the independent brand goes further. They will release the watch for which this calibre was created. The Extreme X1 sport watch will be officially released today, September 8th, 20:00 o’clock CET at Together with the brand’s closest friends, Deployant’s readers have a 12 hours advantage and exclusivity to see the watch online. Please follow the exclusive member invitation available here.

Extreme X1

Extreme X1 title

Extreme watch uses hi-tech materials and modern manufacturing techniques. The result is a bespoke timepiece with an in-house movement that promises an affordable price.


Following a dream

In tribute to my active time in sport and as an honour to all who experience same in life, business or sport I created this time instrument, once on your wrist this watch will remind you to keep going, nothing is impossible even if it looks like this.” – Torsten Nagengast (Extreme watch designer and brand owner).

Torsten Nagengast started his horological journey as an independent, without the usual ties to the watchmaking industry. Having a huge experience in the automotive industry and an active background in sports, Torsten wanted to combine his knowledge and passion to create a sports watch from scratch.


Extreme X1 front

Extreme X1 is Torsten’s dream come true. He used all his experience and expertise to create a light-weight, bespoke watch with an affordable acquisition price.


“At a very early stage, at the start of the project, it was clear that the key to success will be the difference in DNA. We united the best out of the watch micro-production and the automotive industry’s Hi-tech materials, strong leaded by the EXTREME spirit in a way like nobody else did it before! Not just talking about another fashion colour or design, I am talking about doing more than others. I am talking about the extra effort that pushes you in front and give´s our Watch friends a real reason to invest in this watch.” – Torsten Nagengast about the Extreme Watch

Ultra-modern technologies

The case is manufactured using carbon-fibre. This modern material is stronger than steel at a fraction of its weight. For this reason, carbon fibre is an essential material in applications in the field of automotive, aeronautics, extreme sports and watches.


Extreme X1 case

The case is built using a layered carbon fibre and titanium sandwich. This guarantees excellent resistance and low weight.


The carbon fibre case is assembled in a sandwich style configuration. On top, we find a titanium bezel. This detail increases the overall strength and stability. The case middle is carbon fiber and the bottom is titanium. This construction style can find in Formula 1 cars. The brand adopts the same technologies used in automotive for moulding CFC monocoques specific to racing cars or modern race and fight jets.


Extreme X1 detail

The Extreme dial has a high-contrast layout with open-worked hands to offer a good legibility in any condition.


Titanium is a metal known for its reliability, resistance and low weight. The idea of using it as the material for the case-back came from the Titanium’s biocompatibility. Its bioactive surface creates an ideal cellular response. Reason for which it is used in various medical implants.

Innovative movement

As we already know, the EX01 movement is made of cutting-edge materials. Torsten did not specify what this is, but in the literature he releases, it seems to be an ultra-modern hardened aluminium with excellent performance and temperature stability, used in aeronautics and military applications. Tests revealed that the light material is free of internal tension and has an optimal ratio of weight versus strength. The Extreme X1’s movement makes use of this material to for all constituent plates and bridges.


Extreme X1 back-case

Extreme’s movement can be personalised with several colours. This type of bespoke can be found at much more expensive timepieces.


The Extreme X1 will be launched together with two other Extreme watches, Milestone and NoXcuse. The latter two will also feature the same hi-tech case but with a quartz movement.

We invite you to have a closer look to the Extreme X1 watch and we will be back with more information soon. The official release website will go live at 8:00 PM, CET. Do not forget about the exclusive members’ link.




  1. Pascal Dominik Isenegger on

    Maybe because you did not ordered from the original torsten.. This website does not belong to the original brand owner.. And has been reported as bad and not legal authority to use the brand name.. This website owner will be sued by the law in full!
    My experience with torsten is very good, he is professional and his company provide excellent service!
    That’s the original website:


    Looking forward to receive my new watch

  2. Holger Müller on

    it’s a couple of days, I was allowed to see one of them in real. It is an amazing watch with a very nice movement an i am very proud to be one of the first owner of it. 🙂 Greetings from Germany Holger

    • Pascal Dominik Isenegger on

      Thanks god to the technology of the today and that nobody is anonym on the internet. You will be find soon and then feel the full power of justice… This cheap trick to harm torsten is just unbelievable.. Everyone did business with him, knows he is professional and serve at a high level!
      So please get out and don’t try to harm others business coz of your sad life!!