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News: a new player on the movement market – the Calibre EX001

TNT, a German brand releases a new modern movement
by Dan-Andrei Kluska on July 26, 2017

Here at Deployant, we are always interested in the news from the world of watches. We are driven by the horological passion and we like to share the best and the newest information. Today, we want to tell you about the newest calibre that is in development in Germany:  the calibre EX001.


TNT EX001-orange

TNT Extreme watch will be available from 4th of September. The watch is built carbon fibre, titanium and rocket aluminium.


The Calibre EX001

The newest movement is a hand wind mechanical with 46 hours of power reserve. What we know, directly from Torsten Nagengast (the brand owner), is that EX001 is a full in-house designed and produced movement. Using high-tech materials and the newest technology, TNT watches is capable in obtaining coloured movements at a low cost. This translates into a lower retail price.



The Calibre EX001 is designed using modern technologies permitting
colour customisation


What we know is that the movement is made of rocket aluminium. What?!? Yes, the same type of aluminium used in building rockets. Isn’t this cool?

The EX001 movement will be used in one 100% German designed and developed watch: the ultralight time instrument “the Extreme”. The Extreme watch will be manufactured in carbon fibre with titanium components. The Calibre EX001 and the Extreme watch will be available HERE, starting with Monday the 4th of September 2017.



Extreme watch will be light and affordable. TNT watches will make the movement available also for other interested brands.


To develop the movement’s prototypes and the necessary manufacturing processes, TNT watches released already, as a base for the EX001, the calibre PRO001. This movement is available in two limited series of watches: the Aviator PRO and the Seahunter PRO. These two are available* for order on the TNT watches Webpage at a price tag of €1,599.00 for the Aviator PRO and €790.00 (excl. 19% EU VAT) for the Seahunter PRO.  *Seahunter PRO will be available on the 1st of August 2017.


Seahunter pro

Seahunter PRO is powered by the new PRO001. The watch is available for pre-order on company’s site


Torsten Nagengast and TNT watches

Torsten is an automotive engineer with a deep passion for historical watches. He started his journey in the world of watches by collecting rare and valuable pieces. Soon he entered in the trade business with rare watches. The next step was new old stocks with movement, including from the 40´s and 60´s.

TNT watches was born from the desire of creating his own timepieces using special historical movements or new old stocks. They have an entire selection of interesting watches with special movements. During several years, TNT Watches managed to release some very interesting limited series featuring rare movements at incredibly low prices that were sold in just hours.

At some point in time, Torsten Nagengast realised that the market is missing a small niche: an affordable customisable movement. That was the moment when the idea of PRO001 and EX001 was born.

We will return soon with more information about the EX001 movement and the Extreme watch.

Please enjoy below some images with new movements EX001, PRO001.



TNT Extreme with orange EX001



TNT Extreme with blue EX001



TNT Extreme with black EX001



TNT PRO001 movement is nicely decorated and comes in affordable watches



Detail of the sunburst decorated wheels of the PRO001

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