New: Vacheron Constantin “Year of the Tiger”

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Ahead of the next Chinese calendar’s animal zodiac, Vacheron Constantin has just released the new Métiers d’Art The legend of the Chinese zodiac – Year of the tiger. Two references are released, one in rose gold, the other in platinum. Both based on the same magnificent art work on the dial using the Caliber. 2460 G4.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.


In the continuing series honoring the Chinese Zodiac, Vacheron Constantin rises to the occasion of where the Year of the Ox hands over the reigns to the Year of the Tiger on February 1, 2021. This series continues on the tradition by VC and a new series is issued every year. We have previously covered the earlier editions as follows:

Including a special edition 12 watch Maître Cabinotiers Chinese Zodiac Set, which depicts the zodiac animals in a different artistic and sculptural setting.

All the watches are based on the same Caliber 2460, which is an excellent choice as the time display of the hours, minutes, day of the week and date are shown in apertures on the dial. This leaves the dial with available space for the artistic interpretations of the zodiac animals.

Chinese Zodiac Tigre in rose gold.

As usual, VC Métiers d’Art is done exceptionally well, and in this new edition, the use of engraving and grand feu enamel provides the craft to realise the artistic interpretation of the tiger as an auspicious animal, capable of driving away bad energy. From the photographs released, the depiction of the tiger is both realistic, and very beautiful, capturing its essence and communicating its power to bring good fortune. Something the world badly need after a poor showing of the Year of the Rat and Year of the Ox under the shadow of the global pandemic.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger in platinum.

New: Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art The legend of the Chinese zodiac – Year of the tiger

Retail prices are Rose Gold: SGD 167,000 and Platinum: SGD 203,000. Both inclusive of GST.

Vacheron Constantin is pursuing its dialogue with collectors and passionate devotees of Haute Horlogerie by enriching its Métiers d’Art The legend of the Chinese zodiac with the sign of the tiger. Symbolizing invicible power, authority and strength, considered as the king of fur animals in Chinese culture, the tiger represents an auspicious animal that exorcises evil spirit and brings good luck.

It will take over from the ox at the Chinese New Year on February 1st 2021. Two new creations, realised in twelve models each, combine the technical excellence of Caliber 2460 G4 with the beauty of artistic crafts.

Paper-cutting, at the crossroads between Eastern and Western cultures

China, a nation with which Vacheron Constantin has been cultivating special ties since 1845, first introduce the paper-cutting technique known as Jianzhi, a popular art echoed in Swiss culture through its famous Scherenschnitt paper-cutting. This artistic approach, highlighted in the Métiers d’Art The legend of the Chinese zodiac, has been given a fresh interpretation thanks to the expertise of the master engravers and enamellers.

Allied artistic crafts

The vegetal motifs appearing on the dial and based on classic Chinese iconography are etched directly in the metal. The pattern remains semi-embedded and stands out from its gold base by a subtle stage setting of variously accentuating reliefs creating a depth effect. This makes the vegetation appear to be floating over the dial.

Chinese Zodiac Tigre Tiger

Then comes the stage of Grand Feu enamelling, an ancestral technique that remains the preserve of a very few particularly skilled artisans. By applying the enamel in successive layers, the enamel specialist enhances the intensity of the blue or bronze-toned dial. Achieving the necessary mastery of colour and of reactions to firing at temperatures between 800 and 900 degrees Celsius calls for an expertise that can only be acquired over long years of experience. The animal, made of platinum or pink gold, is hand engraved and delicately applied to the dial centre.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Tigre

A movement that leaves plenty of space for artistic expression

Calibre 2460 G4 makes it possible to create a distinctive and ideal stage-setting for the decorative arts, by giving the central dial motif a starring role. The hands-free time display is achieved through four apertures showing the hours, minutes, days and dates. These indications – the first two of the dragging variety and the last two of the jumping type – proudly embody the longstanding savoir-faire of the Maison in designing and developing original displays.

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Clearly visible through the sapphire crystal back of the platinum or pink gold case, the 22-carat oscillating weight features a decor inspired by the Maltese cross emblem.

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All movement components are indeed finely finished in accordance with the criteria of the Hallmark of Geneva, a quality label of which Vacheron Constantin is the most faithful representative.

VC Métiers d’Art The legend of the Chinese zodiac – Year of the tiger: Technical specifications

References 86073/000P-B900 and 86073/000R-B901
Calibre 2460 G4
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Mechanical, self-winding
31 mm (11¼’’’) diameter, 6.05 mm thick
Approximately 40 hours of power reserve
4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour)
237 components
27 jewels
Hallmark of Geneva certified timepieces
Indications Hours, minutes, day of the week and date in apertures
Case Platinum/18K or 5N pink gold
40 mm diameter, 12.72 mm thick
Transparent sapphire crystal caseback
Water-resistance tested at a pressure of 3bar (approx.30 meters)
Dial 18K gold, hand-engraved, Grand Feu enamelled
Hand-engraved platinum/18K 5N pink gold tiger
Strap Dark blue/brown Mississippiensis alligator leather with alligator leather inner shell, hand-stitched, saddle-finish,
large square scales
Clasp Platinum/18K 5N pink gold folding clasp
Polished half Maltese cross-shaped
Accessories Delivered with a corrector pen
Limited series of 12 pieces per reference.
Pieces only available through the Vacheron Constantin Boutiques.


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