New: Slim d’Hermès Le Sacre des saisons

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Hermès releases the four seasons in paillonné. Introducing the Slim d’Hermès Le Sacre des saisons. An exquisite series of four watches executed in métiers d’arts style.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Slim d’Hermès Le Sacre des saisons

The retail prices for the Slim d’Hermès Le Sacre des saisons are as follows:

  • Winter – SGD 187,000
  • Spring – SGD 124,000
  • Summer – SGD 133,000
  • Autumn – SGD 124,000

Prices inclusive of GST.


Interesting development for Hermès to use paillonné as a métiers d’art technique to decorate their dials. we explored this exquisite technique in the Jaquet Droz collections which use the method to create geometric shapes on the dial. But in this new release from Hermès, the craft is used to create four watches depicting the four seasons. The four watches are all cased in the same case, but with different metals and gem-set adornments.

Winter is depicted in white gold with baguette diamonds in a dial with a blue base. Spring in rose gold with diamonds, Summer in white gold also with diamonds. Both Spring and Summer feature a green base colour. Autumn is our pick, and is in a white gold case with an extravagant design in red. The motif has a 3D like dial surface looking like delicate embroidery. It is the only one of the four to be fitted in a plain non gem-set case. Each is limited to 12 pieces, and depict different motifs on the dial. The artwork and design is aesthetically very pleasing and beautiful, and the craft of the artisans on the paillonné is exquisite, as one would expect from Hèrmes.

All four watches also have the same H1950 movement, which is manufactured in Vaucher. Hèrmes has a 30% stake in Vaucher.

Release information

Depicting Nature’s bounty and a whimsical animal world, Slim d’Hermès embodies exceptional expertise.

Four limited-edition models adorned with paillonné enamel, engraving or miniature painting vividly interpret the cycle of the seasons.

Crafted by experienced artisans, Slim d’Hermès Le Sacre des saisons highlights a palette of skills that are as demanding as they are remarkable. Each embodying a season, four animal figures drawn from a Hermès silk scarf take on a new artistic dimension on the dial in a profusion of nuances and captivating details.

Designed by Philippe Delhotal in 2015, Slim d’Hermès expresses the very essence of Hermès: a singularity that is all about rigorous discipline and pleasing balance. Its pure, contemporary yet timeless lines evoke the inimitable style and imaginary world of Hermès. Showcasing a range of rare and often unexpected crafts, it boldly – yet with a light touch – revisits the silk scarf titled Le Sacre des saisons and designed by artist Pierre Marie.

A sun-haloed lion, an eagle with unfurled leafy wings, an ice-crowned wolf and a horse with a flower-strewn mantle: each animal symbolises a season and embodies the narrative universe and baroque fantasy of the French designer. The beauty of Nature and the depth of time are reflected in the richness of the motifs, inspired by the costumes of 17th and 20th century French and Russian ballets. Appearing on a refined dial elegantly framed by a gold case, this mischievous bestiary reveals unique and precious skills.


In winter, an ice wolf in paillonné enamel twirls in a white gold case set with 52 baguette-cut diamonds. This meticulous technique consists of inserting gold or silver flakes between enamel layers to create a play on light, transparency and depth.


Framed by a rose gold case set with 66 diamonds, spring – in the form of a horse adorned with luxuriant flowers – is born from the patient touch of the artisan who uses a brush to numerous micro-paint layers to lemon chrysoprase stone.


Summer, symbolised by a radiant lion, is engraved in sapphire crystal and painted from the back of the dial. This process gives it depth and brilliance, accentuated by the white gold case set with 66 diamonds.


Finally, autumn takes shape in the hollows and reliefs of the gold, sculpted using traditional burins and chisels. Its hand-painted features and volumes reveal a flamboyant eagle that unfurls its wings within the slender white gold case.

Eloquently expressing Hermès’ watchmaking expertise, these four remarkable watches are powered by a Manufacture H1950 ultra-thin mechanical self-winding movement. Each issued in a 12-piece edition, they are paired with a matt or smooth alligator leather strap, crafted in accordance with the in-house leather-making expertise.

Slim d’Hermès Le Sacre des saisons technical specifications


Ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès H1950 movement

Mechanical self-winding, crafted in Switzerland

Diameter : 30 mm (13 ¼’’’)

Thickness : 2.6 mm

Power reserve : 48 hours

Frequency : 21,600 vph

Functions : Hours, minutes


Shape/size : Round, 39.5 mm in diameter

Material : White gold or set with baguette-cut diamonds for Winter and round diamonds for Spring and Summer or white gold only for Autumn

Glass : Anti-glare sapphire crystal and caseback

Water resistance : 3 bar


Dial featuring miniature enamel and paillonné enamel


Smooth royal blue alligator


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