New: SevenFriday Chromatic is back

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SevenFriday returns to its roots with splashes of colour with three new references in the PS Series collection.

Press release information with commentary in italics.

New: SevenFriday Chromatic is back!

The new SevenFriday Chromatic Series PS3/03, PS3/04 and PS3/05 AKA “CCO”, “CCB”, “CCG” will retail at CHF 1,449 / USD 1,628. Prices before taxes. Interestingly, on their website, all three are marked as “Sold Out”, even though this is not a limited edition series and the series global launch date is 15 September 2023 (last Fri).


SevenFriday makes fun watches. They always have. And still do. Though they have lost a bit of the lustre from their early days way back then when they were internet darlings, they are still quite an interesting force in the industry.

The revival of their colour series in this Chromatic release enforces this “still relevant and thriving” spirit. The new watches are funky, colourful (duh!), and fun. The reprise of the three colours they first introduced 10 years ago is updated, and looks fresh. Kudos to designer Arnaud Duval for the refresh.

The watches are based on their popular PS series, and SevenFriday makes absolutely no fuss in declaring that the watches are Made in China and powered by a Miyota 82S7 automatic movement.

Each watch comes with its own NFC Chip for authenticity verification, a feature that SevenFriday have had for many years, being one of the pioneers of this technology.

The dial now features a honeycomb cutout and skeletonised sections. The same 3d look is retained, and as with the P Series watch architecture, uses regular hour and minute hands to tell the time. We say regular hands, but they are anything but. The hour hand is stubby, and short with a flat “point”, while the minute hand is slender, and not quite much longer though there is no mistaking one for the other.

The look, a combination of the dial aesthetics with the rounded square case with detailing like colour matched stripes its side and thick, silicon strap with contrasting stitching is chunky, but fresh and young. The build quality of the case is surprisingly good, especially at this price point.

Prices have risen since the early days, but at a mid CHF 1.5k level, the SevenFriday PS3 Chromatic series offers and alternative to serious watches at the same pricing.

Release information

Barely a year after entering the Swiss watch scene (and did our “little” creations make a splash then) SEVENFRIDAY’s resident boffin decided a mere 12 months later to strike again, and make a splash, a colourful one this time!

Inspired at its core by Industrial Design, SEVENFRIDAY is all about metal and material, shiny or matt; chunky technical instruments more at home in a steampunk world. Well, what our creative little guru discovered was that colours and bright ones too had made a transformative appearance in that otherwise steamy and steely environment. Robots for instance were painted a bright orange to warn the rather weaker humans to stay clear lest their red blood gets spattered all over the shop floor.

That revelation that not only form but also colour follows function prompted the creation of a completely new set of coloured P-series, with distinctive silicone animation rings.

Today, 10 years later, COLOURS ARE BACK!

This new chromatic range has matured and now benefits from the learnings and refinements acquired over our decade-long journey. Nestled in the more technical PS range, the watches’ animation ring is made of a special combination of carbon fibre and coloured resin, the latter matching the dial, strap colour and the Berlac filled bezel.

The dial retains its complicated multi-layered design, now with added honeycomb cutouts and skeletonized sections and is protected by a sapphire crystal. The crown, not just fancy with its coloured logo, but useful as it screws down to prevent any unwanted water ingress.

Some of the stuff you have grown accustomed to remains, thankfully. The trusted Miyota automatic movement for instance, the inimitable and robust case construction and our rather special NFC chip, giving you a safe authentication. But that’s not all. It also includes a service warranty extension and an access to the world of UPO7F, a collective of like-minded individuals who seize every day as if it’s a Friday.

So seize yours, watch that is, before you get Green with envy!

SevenFriday PS3 Chromatic Specifications

SIZE: 47,6 x 47 x 14.5 mm (w x h x d)

40 hours of power reserve
Hour/minute / Off-centered small second / Visible balance wheel

BEZEL, CROWN: Stainless steel coated in Gun Metal PVD

BEZEL: Refilled with Orange, Blue or Green Berlac painting

ANIMATION RING: Multi-layered animation ring made of Carbon fiber and Orange, Blue or Green colored resin

CROWN: engraved ”7F” on the side Refilled with orange, blue or green lacquer


DIAL: Four layers construction with colourful cut-out honeycomb and skeletonized plate

GLASS: Sapphire crystal

STRAP: Injected silicon strap in orange, green or blue and contrasted stitching

CASE: Stainless steel coated in Gun Metal PVD

CASE BACK: Stainless steel

NFC: The NFC Chip behind the case back allows authenticity verification through the SEVENFRIDAY App for iOS and Android