New: Pedrozo & Piriz PP01

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A new brand for a new year. We introduce the Pedrozo & Piriz, a new brand debuting an ambitious watch – the PP01, a time only watch with double flying tourbillons, inspired by the Architecture of New York in the 30s and Kinetic Art.

Press Release: The original press release is in first person, here we present the release details, but in third party voice.

Adrian Pedrozo

Editor: This is the first watch bearing the name Adrian Pedrozo on the dial. And the first we have heard of Pedrozo. We decided to run this Press Release mainly because the team he is working with are illustrious figures in the haute horlogerie industry, and we thought it was an interesting first effort.

The name of Pedrozo & Piriz is meant as a representation of his roots, joining together the surnames of his father and mother to form two ‘universes’ which is the brand’s guiding tenet.

Pedrozo & Piriz PP01

The watch is inspired by the Architecture of New York in the 1930s and Kinetic Art. The debut effort is named the PP01 which is a time only watch with a Double Flying Tourbillon movement, with differential.

The Architecture of New York in the 1930s

In an atmosphere where jazz music was increasing in popularity, New York’s architecture underwent dramatic changes. The buildings climbed higher and higher, to become skyscrapers whose design was simply breathtaking. The city also boasted constructions which combined a variety of geometric shapes in their structure or aesthetic.

The principle that interests us (and that we find in certain constructions) is that of a rectangle at the top of a skyscraper and this same rectangle repeated, much wider, at its base. Many architects, such as Hugh Ferriss and Raymond Hood, used it in their work. This artistic approach has been reinterpreted in the PP01 casing.

If you look at the sapphire glass, it emerges from the central rectangle and thus becomes the first point of contact on the vertical plane. This conjures the image of the tip of a skyscraper.

The two decorations placed at 12 and 6 o’clock also have a protective function. These elements were particularly difficult to integrate, especially on the visual level, because they have to match the overall aesthetic of the timepiece.

All screws are on the base of the case. Representing the base or foundations of “the building”.

A skyscraper contains a significant number of windows, which have been conveyed through the many openings on the piece.

The Kinetic Art. A Double Flying Tourbillon Movement with differential mechanism

This wonderful mechanical movement has many points in common with the Pedrozo & Piriz concept. It includes two regulating organs.

The Kinetic Art is thus represented by two Flying Tourbillons, which are visible at all times within an intentionally clear space.

The differential mechanism is visible at the back of the watch, showcasing their interplay. The barrels (dual energy sources) have a sliding flange system which allows you to wind the movement using the crown, without risk of breaking the springs.

The movement (self-starting) offers three days of power reserve and requires manual winding. Although the timepiece does not have a power reserve indication, an ingenious system (via the differential) will only make one of the two Flying tourbillon run during the last two hours of remaining energy.

Editor: We understand the PP01 is the result of collaborations within the industry, mainly in La Chaux-de-Fonds, many of the big names are involved, including neodesis for design, Le Cercle de Horlogers for the movement, ABConcept/ABProduct for production. Thus we look forward to handling the watch and photographing it for a more detailed evaluation.

Pedrozo & Piriz PP01 Technical Specifications

Manual winding
Power reserve: 72 hours
Frequency: 21’600 vph (3Hz)
Jewels: 45
Components: 323
Indications : Hour and Minutes
Dimension : 41,50mm width x 46,90mm length x 13,05mm thickness
Material: Titanium + 18K Rose Gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
In Full 18K Rose Gold :
”Fences” at 12 and 6 o’clock
Hour and Minutes Hands
Hour indicators on the dial (8x)


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