New: Méraud Antigua with the historical Landeron 248 caliber

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Méraud Watch Co. presents the Antigua, a gorgeous manual chronograph watch with a NOS (New Old Stock) caliber, the Swiss Landeron 248, and design details that evoke a maritime racing heritage.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Méraud Antigua with the historical Landeron 248 caliber

The new Méraud Antigua with the historical Landeron 248 caliber has a retail price of EUR 1,750 excluding VAT. Limited Edition of 100 pieces in each colour. Preorder is open today with deliveries expected in August and September 2023.


It is with interest to see watch brands coming across NOS of old, historically important calibers and casing them in new creations. The Landeron 248 is a a cam operated chronograph movement hailing from the Caliber 48 family. The Caliber 48 has seen a long and illustrious history, being in production from about 1910. The Caliber 248 has seen service in the 1960s by many brands, including by Heuer-Leonidas, Nevada, and Ardath.

Méraud, a Belgian maker uses this iconic movement in their new Antigua, with a series in two dial variations of 100 pieces each. The variants are known as the Miho with its black dial, and Soft Sand with a creamy dial.

A review loan sample is on the way, and we look forward to putting the watch on its paces and photograph it in our studios. We will do a long form comprehensive review when we have had that opportunity.

Release information

Fruit of a three-year process, the Antigua drop is a limited edition of 200 pieces. The Antigua follows the resounding success of the Bonaire, launched in 2018 by the Belgian watch firm.

The Antigua was inspired by the golden age of chronograph designs, the 1960s and its Landeron 248 caliber. The name is an ode to the Antigua Classic Regatta, and the subdial located at 3 can even be used to time a moving start of a yachting race. Daring dial designs are available in two variants, deep Miho Black and cream Soft Sand. The Antigua’s serrated uni-directional rotating bezel is lumed and contains a scratch-resistant sapphire, designed for an active lifestyle.


The story of the Antigua.

Stijn Busschaert, founder and designer, had the idea for a manual chronograph in 2019 after the brand’s successful first launch. The caliber 248 was one of a family of cam switching chronograph movements widely used in the 1960s. The quest for the right movement turned into a two-year hunt through Switzerland.

“Any watch collector knows about the thrill of the chase,” says Busschaert. “This watch represents a historical movement in the watch world, as well as my connection to the coast and eternal love for the open sea.”

The search for perfection is evident in the design. Each movement comes with a unique “Méraud” engraving on the bridge and by using a see through caseback it’s something to truly enjoy. With this release and by manufacturing in Switzerland the brand is now able to move up a step. It’s a positive evolution for Méraud as a brand according to the founder.


Inspired by Classic Regatta Races.

The Antigua is named after one of the most renowned classic races worldwide, the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in the Caribbean. The regatta timer on the Antigua is used by yacht crews to count down to the start of the race, allowing boats to build up speed close to the starting line. 

Managing a raceboat is physically demanding and the crew must execute complex and highly choreographed manoeuvres. A classic regatta also oozes luxury and finesse.

We have embodied all of these characteristics into the design of the Antigua.

Elegant but functional, the watch is waterproof up to 100 meters below sea level.


Sophisticated design concept.

The secret of the Antigua, as with all Méraud watches, is the fusion of vintage classic design with modern innovations. The two-layer dial epitomizes this dichotomy, with its stepped dial referencing the past, while the subdials have a distinct modern look. A tachymeter on the outer step features Art Deco numerals and returns in the “big-eye” 45-minutes subdial. 

The Antigua has a slim and sleek profile, with a heigh of 13.50mm. The elegant case measures a perfect 40mm at the bezel and 39mm at the case. In addition, the case is finished with a mix of linear, circular, high-polished and brushed finishes. The refined chamfers on the lugs, drilled lug holes, a dodecagonal caseback shape are elements that reflect the same design language as the Bonaire.


Méraud & MOLEQUIN.

The Antigua’s leather strap is made in collaboration with Molequin, the Belgian watch strap maker known and recognized for it’s outstanding quality, craftsmanship and ‘less is more’ approach. Based in Brussels and with a like minded approach to their products, Méraud is proud to have teamed up with them in order to carefully select the best possible straps on the Antigua. What started years ago between two collectors sharing their passion ended up in a true friendship.

The Antigua is being presented on a quality top-grain buffed nubuck strap. The watch comes with an additional rubber strap and optional steel bracelet, which can be interchanged easily thanks to drilled lug holes.



  1. Slim and sleek profile, with a heigh of 13.50mm??? Are you familiar with the term “Oxymoron”?

    P.s. I guess a picture from the side would not have been in agreement with that statement.

    • It’s like a speedy… There’s a picture of the profile on Fratello and in a youtube hands-on. Looks ok and not different to other chronographs that use a manual caliber.

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