New: Garrick Series 3

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Following the success of the S1 and S2 models, Garrick continues its ascent ever upwards into the rarefied world of high horology, releasing its latest timepiece, the Garrick S3.

Press Release with commentary and additional information in italics.

This new watch showcases the British brand’s expertise and penchant for hand craftsmanship. The S3 features an openworked dial revealing a myriad of components usually hidden from view. Also with a new movement, the UT-GO4 calibre, encompasses chatons and haute horlogerie finishing, including time-consuming black polishing.

When Garrick unveiled its S1 model in 2018, it announced to the watch collecting community that the British brand was capable of producing fine watches, rich in technical virtue and hand craftsmanship. The S1 featured a skeletonized dial design. This was followed up with the Garrick S2 in 2019, which we reviewed in detail here. The S2 showcased the Garrick competency in engine turning, featuring magnificent guilloché dials.

Garrick S3

Building on the success of previous models, Garrick has now created the S3, the company’s most technical watch to date.

Garrick S3.

The S1 model featured an openworked dial which exposed a series of gears and pinions, positioned atop the mainplate. The S3 uses the same base movement layout, but modified as a new design featuring a number of recesses which accommodate the aforementioned parts. These parts sit flush with the upper mainplate surfaces, providing a neater appearance. This specification detail meant Garrick’s watchmakers had to revisit each movement component and, in many cases, relocate parts in order to ensure functionality and augment the model’s aesthetic allure. Ultimately, these various changes led to the creation of the new UT-GO4 calibre.

The mainplate, in the cleaning basket before insertion into the ultrasonic bath to be cleaned.

The resulting aesthetic on the dial looks quite amazing, with the components on one plane, and the skeletonized chapter ring hovering above it. Compared to the S1 where the gear train is at a different level from the dial. In the S3, they are at the same level, and is a neater look. The dial is almost non-existent, and comprise of only the chapter ring, which also connects to the running seconds sub-dial and the power reserve sub-dial. The indices in Roman numerals within two concentric rings in blued steel.

The chapter ring which becomes the dial.

Consistent with previous models, the S3 features Garrick’s Maritime hour and minute hands, crafted in-house and heat blued. The hour track incorporates Roman numerals and, once again, is made in-house and thermally blued. A small seconds display and power-reserve indicator complete the inventory of functions. The balance is positioned front of house, in the lower portion of the dial. A prominent bridge spans the balance wheel and is enriched with straight graining and black polishing.

As with the S2, the balance bridge finishing is superb, with the juxtaposition of the strait graining and black polishing giving a beautiful visual interest. Although it is not a tourbillon, but it is still quite a sight to behold. Incidentally, this is also a feature of both the S1, S2 and the Portsmouth collection, and we think that the continuity of the design language adds a nice touch to the S3 as well.

The movement uses a Trinity free-sprung balance made of Sircumet, a non-magnetic alloy exclusive to Garrick. A free-sprung balance enhances isochronism and mitigates positional influence on the rate, surpassing the ubiquitous index-adjusted balance. The timing screws affixed to the balance wheel are set in-board, reducing air turbulence and, by default, augmenting precision.

The gears and a plethora of other components are made in-house using traditional watchmaking machines such as jig borers and lathes. Numerous grey-toned parts are, once again, made of Sircumet and subject to black polishing. This latter type of finish necessitates polishing parts on a tin plate in conjunction with diamantine paste, flattening the surface and delivering a brilliant, mirror-like appearance. The rhodium-plated movement is hand-frosted and features chatons, while the case is offered in stainless steel or 18-carat gold.

By virtue of its exalted, no-compromise creation, the making of the Garrick S3 is restricted to just five pieces per annum. This latest watch, crafted by hand in Norfolk, showcases the talents of Garrick’s skilled staff and demonstrates that British watchmaking is very much alive and well. As per the S1, clients can select a discreet nameplate or choose to eschew dialside branding.

We are looking forward to receiving a test prototype for a full hands on detailed review and to photograph this watch.

Garrick S3 Specification

Case: • 904L Stainless Steel or Gold • 42mm Diameter • 10 mm Depth • Sapphire crystal with AR coating • 22mm Lugs • Exhibition case back • Water Resistant to 100m

Dial: • Gold or Rhodium plated with black polished bridges • Applied heat blued steel chapter ring • Hours, minutes and power reserve indications

Movement: • Exclusive Garrick calibre UT-G04 manual wound mechanical movement • In-house free-sprung balance – tested and regulated to ensure a daily variance of +3 seconds • Screwed and hand-polished chatons • Rhodium plated with black polished bridges • 19 Jewels • Hand frosted finish

Functions: • Running seconds • Power Reserve: 45 hours

Hands: • Handmade steel, grained, polished or heat blued Hours, Minutes & Power Reserve

Buckle: • 316L Stainless Steel or gold pin buckle

Strap: • Handmade Alligator, calf leather, Buffalo and Ostrich.

Price: £24160.00 +VAT in steel and £32160.00 +VAT in gold


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