New: F.P. Journe Vegabondage I Gold

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François-Paul Journe releases the final version of his Vegabondage line with this new release of the model 1 in Gold.

New: F.P. Journe Vagabondage I Gold

The retail price of the F.P. Journe Vagabondage 1 Gold is approximately SGD 137,000 before taxes. As with the previous Vagabondages, this model will be on application, with priority given to to collectors with matching serial numbers of the Vagabondages II and III in Gold.

The new Vagabondage I Gold.

1994 Carpe Diem

The Vagabondage series by F.P. Journe has always been an interesting collection. The series comprise of initially a wandering jumping hour display he created for a friend in 1997. This watch had a round case in yellow gold, and he named it Carpediem. The dial features a wandering jump hour display around a central exposed balance wheel. He later developed a wandering hours wristwatch which mimicks the dial of the Carpediem, and fitted it on a prototype flat tortue case, but did not make this a commercial offering.

Carpediem, circa 1994.

In 2003, François-Paul produced a set of 3 watches based on this protoype for a charity auction for the benefit of the ICM Foundation by Antiquorum. The brief was for a piece unique, but the timeframe prevented a new watch to be developed, and François-Paul decided to use the prototype as a base. He managed to complete the project and offer a 3 watch set in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.The auction was a big success, and he received many requests to offer the model, which he made in very limited production. However, the Journe manufacutre did not released data on how many of these pre-Vagabondage pieces were made.

Then began a series of 3 references.

2004 Vagabondage I – Calibre 1504

The first series was simply called Vagabondage, which was in a platinum case, limited edition of 69 pieces. The original Vegabondage Caliber 1504 had a digital jumping hours in a wandering aperture which position indicates the minutes.

Vagabondage, circa 2005.

2010 Vagabondage II – Calibre 1509 (below left)

Then came the Vagabondage II, which featured the Caliber 1509 with digital hours and digital minutes display. With the Vagabondage II, François-Paul began this tradition of first the opportunity of first refusal to owners of the first series to buy the II with the same serial number. This was then a novel customer apprciation scheme, pre-dating the MB&F’s MAD 1 by decades. The Vagabondage II was produced in a series of 68 pieces of 6N gold, and 69 pieces in platinum.

Vagabondage II (L) circa 2010, and Vagabondage III (R) circa 2017.

2017 Vagabondage III – Calibre 1514 (above right, and below)

The Vagabondage III was introduced in 2017, with the Caliber 1514. This had the amazing complication of digital hours and digital seconds display, both jumping. This is a world premiere, and we covered it in detail on our hands-on review article.

Comprehensive hands-on review of the F.P. Journe Vagabondage III

Once again, François-Paul offered the first allocations to owners of the Vagagondage II bearing the same number.

2022 Vagabondage I Gold – Calibre 1504.2

And finally, this year, Journe offers the Vagabondage I, but in a 6N gold case, as a collorary to the original which was only made with platinum cases. François-Paul says that this will complete the trilogy, and will be the last iteration. However, it is not an exact copy of the Vagabondage I platinum of 2004. The new Vagabondage I Gold features an updated movement, now Caliber 1504.2, in a 42.5 x 37.5mm case. As with the previous Vagabondage, the practice remains to offer prioity to collectors with matching Vagabondage II and III.

The first Vagabondage can be considered as a prototype at the time. We now have the experience to make a better, more reliable caliber and so the movement is a new and more updated movement compared to the first attempt. The first was Calibre 1504 and this new one is 1504.2.

François-Paul Journe

F.P. Journe Vagabondage I Gold Technical specifications

Limited edition of 68 pieces in 18k 6G Gold


Calibre 1504.2 in 18K rose Gold Manual winding
21 jewels

Dimensions of the movement

Overall dimensions: 29.3 x 28.2mm / Casing-up dimensions: 27.3 x 27.3mm / Overall height: 5.0mm / Height of winding system: 2.5mm / Diameter of stem thread: S0.9mm


Balance with 14 inertia weights
Flat Anachron microflamed spring Mobile stud holder
Nivatronic laser-welded to the collet Pinned GE stud
Frequency: 21,600bph
Amplitude: 12h dial up > 300° / 12h vertical > 270°

Principal characteristics

Straight line lever escapement 15 teeth Two-position crown
Two barrels in parallel

Power reserve

50 ± 2 hours


Indication of hours in a mobile aperture which position indicates the minutes


Slate grey, sapphire disc with aperture Outer dial screwed Steel elements


High grade
Partly circular-grained base plate
Straight Geneva waves on the bridges Polished screw heads with chamfered slots Pegs with polished rounded end
Steel components polished and bevelled


Flat Tortue® shape: 45.20 x 37.50 mm / Height: 7.60 mm

Number of components

Movement: 168

Cased on leather strap: 189


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