New: Corum Concept Watch 2023

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The Concept Watch is a new product from CORUM, a watch manufacturer. It was introduced at the Geneva Watch Days exhibit. The watch is priced at $465,000 and will be produced in limited quantities.

Press Release with commentary in italics.

New: Corum Concept Watch 2023


The all-new Concept Watch from CORUM is a groundbreaking timepiece that pushes the boundaries of design and technology. Unveiled at the Geneva Watch Days exhibit, this watch was years in the making and demonstrates the brand’s commitment not only to innovation and technology, but also to the environment.

The case of the watch is made from recycled titanium grade 5, which is a nod to CORUM’s environmental efforts. The watch features a flying tourbillon movement that operates at 3 Hz (21’600 a/H) and has a power reserve of 90 hours. The dial of the watch is made from aventurine stone and is designed to resemble a meteor shower. The bracelet is made from a recycled textile material and has an adjustment system for fit.

Overall, the Concept Watch represents CORUM’s efforts to innovate in the watch industry by combining technology, design, and sustainability.

Press Release

Renowned watch manufacturer, CORUM, proudly presents its latest masterpiece, a groundbreaking Concept Watch that pushes the boundaries of design and technology. Established in 1955, CORUM has consistently upheld its core values of boldness and creativity, cementing its position as a leading innovator in the watch industry.

The all-new Concept Watch from CORUM showcases a perfect fusion of organic shapes and sustainable materials. The watch case, inspired by round, organic forms, is meticulously crafted from recycled titanium grade 5. This not only demonstrates CORUM’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also adds a unique touch to the timepiece’s aesthetics.

At the heart of this exceptional timepiece lies a mesmerizing flying tourbillon movement beating at 3 Hz (21’600 a/H) with a power reserve of 90 hours. Every component of the movement has been carefully crafted and appears to float within the sapphire plates, creating a visually stunning effect that captures the essence of elegance and craftsmanship. The dial, located beneath the movement, crafted from aventurine stone, evokes the captivating imagery of a meteor shower, adding a touch of celestial beauty to the Concept Watch.

CORUM’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design extends to the caseback as well. The expert design team in La Chaux-de-Fonds has created an intricately etched design surrounding the uniquely shaped opening. The window highlights the tourbillon, mainspring, and gear train, while the engraving vividly explains the main functionalities of the watch’s components. This artistic representation showcases CORUM’s dedication to blending form and function seamlessly.

Notably, the bracelet of the Concept Watch is a testament to CORUM’s innovative spirit. Crafted from a unique and recycled textile material, it offers unparalleled comfort and durability. Additionally, the brand new adjustment system ensures a perfect fit for every wrist, showcasing CORUM’s commitment to inclusivity.

The Concept Watch, presented in a 39,5mm case, transcends the confines of traditional gender labeling, proudly embracing a universal appeal. This highlights CORUM’s dedication to challenging conventions and embracing a more inclusive future.

As CORUM continues its journey of redefining luxury timepieces, the Concept Watch serves as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. By merging cutting-edge technology, striking design, and sustainability, CORUM reaffirms its position as a pioneer in the watch industry.


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