New: Corum Announces New Friend of The Brand

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Corum Singapore has named local creative entrepreneur, Ms J.J. Chuan, founder of rehyphen® and creator of MusicCloth®, as the first Friend of the Brand. This appointment is in line with Corum’s unwavering commitment and support towards women entrepreneurs since 2017 when the brand first became the Official Timepiece for Women Entrepreneur Award.



J.J., together with her brand rehyphen® and product MusicCloth® reflects the true essence of Corum’s tagline “Craft your dreams”. She started rehyphen® studio, pioneering an up-cycling initiative by collecting discarded cassette and video tapes from local community and hand-crafted through weaving them into a piece of MusicCloth® in an effort to reduce and eliminate e-waste, while giving the
product new life. The discarded tapes are transformed into a usable material that is hand-woven in a basket weave pattern.



Francis Leong, Country Manager for Corum Singapore said, “Audacity and being different is what Corum  believes in and what sets us apart from our peers in the watch industry. Evidently shown in our Bubble and Golden Bridge collections. We continuously seek out interesting collaboration with talented individuals who are passionate with what they are doing and are bold enough to make a difference. It
is J.J.’s passion and creativity that attracted us. Her boldness to take the less trodden path as an entrepreneur and her innovative idea to upcycle something outdated in current times but full of memories of the past, cassette tapes. Transforming cassette tapes into something that is both usable and meaningful. At Corum, we are about crafting your dreams. We want to be the pillar of support
to individuals in crafting their dreams and fulfilling their pursuits to excel in what they do. We welcome J.J. on board the Corum family.”


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  1. A brand that needs all the friends it can get. Not sure that a local nonentity is going to help much, though.