Live from WWG24: what’s new from Hublot. Highlights

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We begin Thursday with Hublot, who released 37 novelties. Here are our highlights.

Live from WWG24: what’s new from Hublot. Highlights

With so many novelties, here are some which caught our eyes.

Big Bang Unico Ceramic

A new exploration by Hublot, now in orange. Hublot released the first red ceramic in 2018, followed by yellow and now orange. A brilliant orange. The powder of zirconium is mixed with natural yellow and red pigmentation in a high pressure but low temperature. Ceramics produced in high temps above 1200C burns, thus to achieve the brilliant colour the watch needs to be created in low temperatures. A process patented by Hublot in 2018 and manufactured in-house. A pair watch is also available in the green, using a standard injection ceramic process. But the orange is really brilliant in live and very unique.

Retail price for the Orange ceramic CHF 29,900 and in green CHF 21,900 indicates the additional speciality needed for the orange ceramic. Both are limited to 250 pieces.

Square Bang Unico Magic Gold 42mm

Extending the Big Bang concept but carried over to a square case. Released in Magic Gold (novelty). Two models. One in ceramic and magic gold and the other is in full magic gold.

Retail price in ceramic magic gold is CHF 29,900 and full magic gold is CHF 38,900

Classic Fusion 29mm

This is Hublot’s best seller. The watch has remained since 2008, but this novelty is in a new 29mm case size. Case for the entry level titanium case shown below is at CHF 5,600. Quartz movement.

With 20 SKUs based on titanium or king gold case in a combination of dial and straps and gem set.

We will continue the coverage later as there are so many novelties.


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