Live from WWG 24: new watches from Speake Marin

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Model refresh is the order of the day with Speake Marin. And here are our impressions after the hands-on, live from PalExpo.

Live from WWG 24: new watches from Speake Marin

New Ripples Date models

New dial expressions on the Ripples Date in two variants. And the first model is the Dune Date and is a dial is inspired by the dazzling sun of the desert. The dial is a rhodium plated brass with sand coloured metallic dial with zappon treatment. The same horizontal stripes in 3D is see.

The second model is a limited production called the Infinity Date with a metallic silver white.

The case (La City) and movement (Calibre SMA-03TD) for both novelty models remains the same as the existing Ripples collection.

The case is 40.3mm. The Infinity Date has a retail is CHF 23,900 before tax and the Dune Date is a limited edition of 60 at a retail of CHF 24,900.

Tourbillon Ultra Violet

A Eric Giroud design, the watch is available in 38mm and 42mm. This is an existing design and the novelty is the ultra violet colour. The dial is made by using a brass main plate which is bevelled and sand blasted. Then the top of the dial satin finished and coated with a pvd coating of ultra violet. The case is the Piccadilly case in titanium.

The movement is SMA05, which remain unchanged.


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