How to buy the Casio G-Shock G-5000-9 limited-edition 18-karat gold

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The gold G-Shock shocked (pun intended) the watch collecting world this Baselworld 2019 with the super high price of S$100,000. But demand apparently is super high for the 35 pieces being offered, and Casio Singapore has introduced a special way for collectors to buy one.

This is a concept which may be familiar to Singaporean collectors. We are used to the COE bidding system, where a prospective car buyer need to secure a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) before being allowed to purchase a car. Current COE levels range from S$30,000 to S$42,000 for various categories of cars. The system is quite complex. Here is an article explaining this. Readers not familiar with this system may note that current COE prices can be similar or higher than many car prices in the open market. For example, a Volksvagen Golf 1.4 TSI DSG Comfortline has an open market value of S$19,896, but the permit to buy the car is currently S$30,000. The open market value plus COE plus applicable taxes bring the street price of the VW Golf to a grand price of S$99,000.

In the case of Casio, the raffle is free to participate. The winner is entitled to buy the watch at the retail price of S$100,000.

Gold Casio G-SHOCK G-D5000-9

First shown as a concept watch at Baselworld 2015, the G-D5000-9 is the first watch in the world to feature a gallium arsenide solar power system with efficient satellite solar cell technology. Touted as the “Dream Project” G-SHOCK, the G-D5000-9 inherits the square shape of the first G-SHOCK timepiece.

The solid gold version was introduced this year. It took five years for the “Dream Project” G-SHOCK to achieve an ideal impact-resistant structure for gold. The gold plated case and belt of the timepiece are hand-polished to perfection by skilled artisans who lavish more attention on this G-SHOCK than other models.

Casio Singapore has implemented a raffle system offering serial watch collectors the chance to lock down the most sought-after, limited-edition 18-karat gold G-SHOCK, the G-D5000-9, ahead of time. The G-D5000-9, which sees a limited run of just 35 watches worldwide, is expected to arrive in November 2021.

With the newly developed full-metal shock-resistant structure, the G-D5000-9 features a fine resin cushion to ensure outstanding shock resistance. While it does not have the Bluetooth mobile link function, it is equipped with similar features as the full metal GMW-B5000D series, such as shock resistance, 200-metre water resistance, Tough Solar power, and Multi-Band 6 radio wave timekeeping. The watch also delivers superior practicality with features such as a high-luminosity full auto LED backlight, a reverse LCD display and world time.

From now until 15 June 2019, interest buyers can head down to G-SHOCK Casio Premium, Marina Bay Sands (closes at 11.30pm) to enter the raffle. Legal residents of the Republic of Singapore, who are at least 18 years of age, are eligible for the raffle draw. While no purchase is required to enter the draw, excess entries are void as the draw only limits 1 entry per person. Casio Singapore also told us that a purchase of another watch will not increase the chances of winning this raffle.

Random draw will be done on or about 26 June 2019 and winners will be informed via email the next day. Retailing at S$100,000, winners will need to make full payment for the timepiece by 31 July 2019 at G-SHOCK Casio Premium, Marina Bay Sands where they entered the raffle.

18K Gold Casio G-SHOCK G-D5000-9 Specifications

Limited 35pcs

200-meter water resistance
Radio-controlled (Multi Band 6)
Size of case (H×W×D) : 50.0 × 43.2 × 13 mm
Total weight : Approx. 297g

Editor’s Note: Edited 8:30am 11 June to remove Cortina Watch from the list. The raffle registration is now only at the G-SHOCK Casio Premium Boutique.


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