Grandmasters of watchmaking: Roger Smith

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Then comes the modest Englishman. A devout follower of the late great George Daniels, Roger Smith is committed to make the entire watch, by hand, just as they did a hundred or more years ago.

Rather elusive, as he is domicile in Isle of Man, but an effable gentleman.

As he knew I had a cycling habit, he told me that he too recently bought a bicycle…a Brompton with 6 speeds, to just tool around the island. I asked if he knew one of the world’s most famous sprinters Mark Cavendish, and he quietly remarked that he has seen the Manz Missile riding in the island a couple of times.

A wrist shot with the Roger Smith Series II

But all the Series II watches were for clients, so Roger himself did not have one…what did he wear? An old Omega Chronograph…quite beautiful too, I must say.

A little cheeky, but I cannot resist this juxtaposition…


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