22 years on: I still remember the late great Günter Blümlein

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Günter Blümlein


October 1, 2023 (today) marks the 22nd anniversary of the death of one of modern horology’s greatest personalities: Günter Blümlein. A great leader, motivator and visionary. I have had the personal pleasure of meeting and knowing this great man, and offer this memory. 

Over the years, we have written and published several In Memoriam articles to mark the passing of this great leader for the watch industry. Please refer to these published articles which honour him:

Some say he was the greatest among those who managed the industry, nurtured her talents, and built the brands under their care. I would not argue with those who opine so. For they speak the truth.

As it is no longer possible to show new photographs of Mr. Blümlein, here are some from our archives (taken from the articles listed above).

Let us collectively light a candle in his memory, and whisper a private prayer.



  1. Daniel Neumann on

    Thank you, Peter, for keeping Mr. Bluemlein’s memory alive. He clearly left a lasting impression on you. It is with great pleasure that I have been reading about your first meeting with him. He really must have been an industry heavyweight but it also speaks highly of your own character to honor him this way. Thank you for being such a class act, Peter!

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