Ever wanted to know how Zenith watches are made? Here’s your chance.

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The idea of a factory visit to any high-end Swiss manufacture might sound elusive to the most of us: seldom if ever does the opportunity arise to tour the most respected brands in horology. But Zenith is just going to change this notion now. 

In our interview of Jean-Claude Biver in 2017, he shared his plans on hosting factory visits for Zenith customers as part of the brand’s initiative to engage directly with customers on a deeper level. This elevates the entire purchasing process: an experience more than researching about the watch, walking into a shop, selecting the watch, paying for it, and walking out with the new watch. But develops a deeper relationship with the brand by taking the collector into the manufacture to see how his watch is being made.

We said this then, which we still feel is true:

Brilliant move. In one fell swoop, Jean-Claude has immediately enhanced the customer experience with Zenith, but also provide an opportunity for himself or one of his senior executives to touch the customer and listen.


Of course, at the time, the idea was still a concept. Since then, the corporate machinery is in motion, and the concept has bloomed into reality and is finally realised. Zenith will be officially opening its manufacture doors to any member of public: a first for the brand and the Swiss watch industry.



The well-thought-out display for the factory has been specially organised for the general public and it allows for guests to gain an inside view of the watchmaking world. Visitors will get to embark on a 360° guided tour of the distinguished manufacture, revealing the inner-workings of the Maison. And acquaint them with each stage in the creation of these mechanical marvels. But perhaps the most enthralling aspect of the exhibition is a lively hologram show which plunges guests into the world of precision: a contemporary stage-setting that highlights key heritage elements.



This unprecedented feat was the result of a partnership forged between Zenith CEO, Julien Tonare, and Yann Engel, Director of Neuchâtel Tourism.

Named “Le monde étoilé de Zenith”, the tour explores the universe and heritage of the brand. This is a world-first initiative, alongside a variety of watchmaking-activities is designed to promote the rich watchmaking heritage of the Neuchâtel region – home to some of the most prestigious names in horology, and to satisfy visitors eager for extraordinary experience.



The Zenith “Le monde étoilé de Zenith” Factory Tour
By prior reservation only
Weekly visiting day: every Friday at 9am
Length: 3 hours
Price: CHF 40 per person
Bookings must be made with Explore Swiss Watchmaking, Espacité 1, 2302 La Chaux-de-Fonds,
T: +41 32 889 68 82, E: [email protected], W: www.explorewatch.swiss
Number of visitors: 1 to 8 per group
Languages: French (German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish)
Minimum age: 14
Address: Rue des Billodes 34 – 2400 Le Locle


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