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Deployant Now Available in Your Preferred Language!

by Gavin Foo on January 12, 2016

The good thing about watch collecting is that it’s completely race agnostic – crossing any perceived cultural and language barriers. But being able to read and soak up knowledge about the latest and greatest watches in a language other than your first can be a pain at times – and especially so in Asia!

We recognize this and thus we’re happy to announce the availability of our content in 5 Asian languages: Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Hindi, and Japanese. Simply look for the orange ‘Translate’ button on the lower left of your mobile device or desktop browser, and choose the language you prefer to read DEPLOYANT in.

The translations are automatic, and will persist throughout all articles until you change the language back to English. We’ve taken care to draw upon some of the best and most massive language databases on the planet, but because this is automated, do forgive us if we may not get all the translations exactly right. But from initial user testing, feedback is we’re pretty close.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality, and that it helps our Asian collector community have a much better and easier read especially if English is not your native tongue!


P.S.: You’ll find that for some languages, the translations are pretty accurate and for others, it may not be – it’s all to do with the size of the language libraries available to us. Please forgive us if you find that your translated language isn’t up to scratch – but we promise to keep working at it and deliver improvements as the libraries get larger!


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