Dear Santa: Robin’s Christmas Wishlist

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This year, we have seen some incredible happenings in the horological world. More recently, in the past few weeks, there were coincidentally a slew of interesting blockbuster launches from some of the top watchmakers in the industry as well. In the typical Deployant tradition, we will be selecting our Christmas Wishlist based on 3 different price categories. What are some of my personal favourites this year?

Below S$10K: Rado Tradition Golden Horse Limited Edition

The first watch on the list is one of our favourites in the modestly-priced category: Rado Tradition Golden Horse Limited Edition.

Launched earlier this year, the Golden Horse is a faithful reproduction of the original reiteration that debuted in 1957. The devil lies in the detail of the watch – predominantly its stunning red gradient dial, as well as its palatable 37mm case dimension. We also like how Rado had included some subtle touches to the watch to retain its venerable looks. This includes the domed sapphire crystal, old Rado “anchor” logo, as well as the red accented date wheel. The entire package simply works brilliantly.

Powered by the ETA C07, the self-winding movement features a decent power reserve of around 80 hours. We did not get to see the movement, but we assume that it is not dissimilar to the industrial-grade finishing that we have seen for most of the ETA-based movements.

The watch retails at S$2,410, and it is limited to a production run of 1957 pieces. For its price point and what it has got to offer, the Rado Golden Horse is certainly a compelling option for someone who is looking for a modestly-priced timepiece with a great provenance.

Below S$25K: Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT

It is no secret that we are big fans of Bvlgari’s Octo Finissimo collection. The sublime collection has constantly surprise (and impress us) with its ultra slim watches with a variety of complications, no less.

In the latest edition of Baselworld, Bvlgari had expanded the collection with the new Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT. What impressed us is how Bvlgari had managed to incorporate both the chronograph and GMT complications into a movement that is only a mere 3.3mm thick. Coupled with its 6.9mm thin sandblasted titanium case, the 42mm Chronograph GMT is indeed a sleek and sophisticated work of art.

Retailing at S$24,700, the versatile Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT is a timepiece that combines both form and functionality. Chronographs have never been sexier than this.

Money no object: MB&F LM Thunderdome

What do you get when some of the world’s most talented watchmaker come together to create a timepiece? Perfection.

That is perhaps the best word to describe the MB&F LM Thunderdome. Produced in collaboration with Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilanen, the LM Thunderdome is an epic watch that features a triple axis tourbillon and ridiculously finished movement (and dial). It is certainly noteworthy to point out that the tourbillon features a unique combination of Potter escapement, hemispherical balance and helical hairspring – with the 3 axes completing its record-breaking revolutions in 8,12, and 20 seconds respectively. Talk about theatrics at its finest.

MB&F have never failed to surprise us with its novelties, and the 44mm LM Thunderdome is no exception either. In fact, this is perhaps one of the finest creations by the company ever, and it has definitely set the benchmark even higher for its future references. This spectacular timepiece – cased in platinum – is priced at CHF 270,000 (approximately S$371,342). Expensive? Yes. But then again, how can you ever price perfection?

Concluding Thoughts

Esoteric and random. Those are perhaps some of the best words to describe the selection. There are no recurring themes, or similarities, amongst the three pieces that I have selected for my picks. But that’s where the fun is, right? Singularity would have been so boring.

We hope that this series of selection have provided you with a greater insight on our personal thoughts and preferences for watches. Let us know what are some of the watches in your Christmas wishlists as well, in the comments section below!


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  1. Really like the choice of the Thunderdome, but I really can’t imagine wearing one. The other choices are good, too. Tried on the octo finissimo but I just didn’t fall in love with it.

    My own choices (boy it’s tough when you actually put your mind to it and check prices):

    1. S$10,000: The Citizen Eco Drive Caliber 0100 in platinum (USD7,400). At current exchange rates, that just about makes it to S$10,030. That’s okay right? Love the idea watch. Completely nondescript, but allows one to take the high ground on timekeeping.

    2. S$25,000: This is a tough category. It’s far lower in price, but I’d go for a Kudoke 2. Lovely looking, and GPHG winner! If the Budget could stretch, I’d want the Habring Perpetual Doppel, but that’s over S$5k more 🙁

    3. Unlimited: Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1. I hated this when I first saw it, but then it’s grown on me and I hate the fact that I could sell every part of myself for medical research and still not be able to afford the buckle. I love this.

    Thanks to you (and the Deployant team) for the always entertaining choices.