Press Release: Casio 35th Anniversary G-Shock Red-Out Collection

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The G-SHOCK reaches its 35th anniversary milestone in April 2018, and CASIO is releasing several commemorative collections of G-SHOCK timepieces to celebrate the various facets of this iconic watch. The latest to be unveiled is the RED-OUT collection, which has four G- SHOCK models all decked out in the eponymous colour for a decidedly bold statement.

The DW-5635C

The DW-5635C, based on the DW-5600. Its square case and LCD display are nods to the very first G-SHOCK model.

The DW-5735C

The DW-5735C, based on the DW-5700, an early G-SHOCK that was popular for its round case and contrasting square LCD display.


The RED-OUT collection features an all-red matte colour scheme achieved using a new coating technology that incorporates particles directly into the paint, which creates a lustreless finish that was previously unachievable. The LCD displays are also red, while metallic parts such as case backs and strap keepers have been rendered in black for contrast. The collection’s colour scheme embodies the G-SHOCK’s audacity to constantly evolve over its 35-year history, with a keen eye on improving its functions and toughness to deliver unparalleled value.


The DW-6935C

The DW-6935C, based on the DW-6900, which is often used as the base model for collaboration models.


The GA-735C

The GA-735C, based on the GA-700, which has an oversized case.


Colour aside, the RED-OUT collection sports detailing that enhance their designs, while also alluding to the milestone being celebrated. The case backs of these models are engraved with the G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary logo designed by world-renowned graphic artist Eric Haze, who has collaborated with the brand for over two decades. Meanwhile, the strap keeper is emblazoned with a star emblem that signifies the 35-year milestone being celebrated.

The four models of the RED-OUT collection will be launched in Singapore in February 2018.


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