Spot the Watch: Ellen rocking a Patek Philippe Ref 5271

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Its very early in 2018 and it has provided us with another cool spot. Ellen has featured numerous times on our Spot the Watch for her large collection of Patek Philippe and Rolex watches.  We spotted her wearing a complicated timepiece with a small touch of bling.

What watch was she wearing?  She was wearing a Patek Philippe Ref 5271 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph with diamonds on the bezel!

Ellen Ref 5271

Ellen wearing a Patek Philippe Ref 5271 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

She wore the watch over a couple of episodes as you can see from the different outfits.

Another shot of the watch on her wrist.

The diamond bezel was gleaming under the studio lights.

The watch on Ellen’s wrist.

A close up shot.

The Patek Ref 5271 on the wrist of Ellen.

This is the most complicated timepiece we have spotted on her wrist and it is uber cool to see her wearing one.  The Ref 5271 has a platinum case and is exactly the same as its brother the Ref 5270 with a perpetual calendar, apertures for the day/night indicator and leap year in addition to a chronograph.  The Ref 5271 differs since the bezel and the top of the lugs are adorned with diamonds.   Some may not like the extra sparkle but it gives the watch a different look.

The Reference 5271P from Patek Philippe.

That concludes this Spot the Watch.


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  1. It’s a shame such a beautiful watch gets lost on such an ugly mug. Apologies but I’m not a diplomat…