Breaking News: Rolex Baselworld 2019 Novelties

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This is perhaps the moment that the entire watch industry is waiting for – the novelties of Rolex from Baselworld 2019.

Over the past few weeks, there were rumours that Rolex will be discontinuing certain models in its line-up, and there were also renditions of some of the new watches that Rolex might potentially introduce in this year’s Baselworld.

This is the moment of truth. Without any further ado, here are the some highlights of the novelties from the famed Geneva-based watch manufacturer.

Rolex Yachtmaster 42

The new Yachtmaster 42 is probably the highlight of the latest novelties. The watch is cased in white gold, with a bidirectional rotatable bezel fitted with a 60 minute graduated Cerachrom bezel insert in matt black ceramic. In addition, it is fitted with an Oysterflex strap.

Powered by the Calibre 3235, the watch boasts a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. Its additional features include a date display, as well as its usual Parachrom hairspring with Rolex overcoil.

The watch retails at S$37,390.

Rolex GMT-Master II

Next, we have some slight changes to the GMT-Master II “Batman”. The main difference perhaps lies in its bracelet – it is now fitted on a jubilee bracelet, instead of its predecessor’s signature oyster bracelet. It also fitted with the new Calibre 3285. The new “Batman” retails at S$12,430.

On top of that, the white gold GMT-Master II (Reference 126719BLRO) is now available with a meteorite dial. The watch retails at S$51,620.

Interestingly, the base GMT-Master II with black bezel (Reference 116710) and the two-tone model (Reference 116713, in Oystersteel and yellow gold) are no longer listed on Rolex’s website. We highly feel that Rolex had discontinued the two popular models from the line-up.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

Following that, we have a new variant of the Sea-Dweller. The watch comes with a new two-tone case, in Oystersteel and yellow gold. Similar to the Yachtmaster, the watch is powered by the Calibre 3235.

The watch retails at S$21,600.

Concluding Thoughts

This comes to an end to some of our highlights on the Baselworld 2019 novelties from Rolex. What are your thoughts? Are there any surprises? Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. I had a good laugh when I saw that they made their most serious tool watch into a two-tone gold poseur piece. How very Rolex of them!

  2. Purchased rolex 3 years ago. Explorer. Last summer the bracelet went off through unscrewing one of the bolts, when I was at a Carribean resort. By itself and I was lucky not to loose the watch!
    Besides the movement was to be serviced because of going to fast just a year after purchase.
    Just got a new montblanc and asking myself why people buy rolex.

  3. Boring, boring, boring ….. No new sub, no Cole GMT, no new Milgauss, Explorer remains boring. Two tone for Sea Dweller is a joke for the ultimate tool watch. Disappointing overall.

  4. The new Batman GMT on the jubilee bracelet will be the “Hit” of this years introductions as was last years Pepsi version. Other than that, sadly there is not anything else to get REALLY excited about IMHO.

  5. Boring, so so very boring. I was hoping for a white dial explorer or a new heritage style milgauss but instead they put a YM in while gold (who wants that?) and a meteorite dial Pepsi and a Ss batman on jubilee?
    Well, looks like I’ll be buying an Explorer 2 polar.

  6. Have been waiting for the new caliber movement to be installed in the Submariner for the past two Baselworld shows and still looks like it won’t happen. Rolex restricts the supply of the Submariner, no matter which movement is inside, while also refusing to use its newer caliber. Either way I am not allowed to get either one. I think it’s the height of arrogance on Rolex part, and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of being manipulated. I’ll go somewhere else now. They’ve lost me. How disappointing that a company is so arrogant as to lose customers just to show how arrogant they can be.

  7. does this mean the hulk has NOT been discontinued?? Ive been on a list for one for 2 years..

  8. It’s really hard to excite as the brand has really been relying on its previous successes and reviving its sports models through adapting watch bracelets, dials, case materials etc.
    They spend too much time tweaking the marketing to inflate demand through restricting supply and I feel it would be better if they refocused on designing better and more innovative movements etc.

  9. Other than the Batman issued with new caliber and jubilee bracelets kind of acceptable, but the rest is ……….kind of running out of ideas……no more innovation……anyway i’m A proud owner of sea dweller 126600 and I think the two tones look ugly and that made me appreciate my 126600 much much more.