Baselworld 2016: Angelus U40 Racing Tourbillon

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Prior to this article, we have already seen two of Angelus’ Pre Baselworld pieces: the U20 Ultra-Skeleton Tourbillon, and the U30 Tourbillon Rattrapante. Well, seems like Angelus had produced yet another timepiece for their Urban Collection in this year’s Baselworld. Presenting to you the U40 Racing Tourbillon.

The U40 Racing Tourbillon, similar to some of the pieces in the Urban Collection, are inspired by cutting-edge architecture and high-performance structural engineering from both the automotive and aeronautical industry. This explains its contemporary and avant-garde design, as well as its focus on lightweight and functionality.

Unlike many other skeletonized watches in the market, the U40 Racing Tourbillon is designed right from scratch. This means that it is not a cut-out version of any of its existing models, which ensures the structural integrity and the rigidness of the movement in particular.


The A-300 movement that powers the Angelus U40 Racing Tourbillon.

The A-300 movement that powers the Angelus U40 Racing Tourbillon.


On the subject of the movement, the U40 is powered by the A-300 in-house tourbillon movement. This is a hand-wound caliber, and it possesses a poer reserve of approximately 60 hours. One of the main highlights of this movement is the one-minute flying tourbillon, which can be observed at the 10 o’clock position of the dial. Another highlight, as mentioned, would be its skeletonized movement. In order to achieve both lightweight and robustness, the watch features beam-type bridges and Angelus’ in-house six-spoke design. The latter, notably, reinforces the wheel train and protects the skeletonized ratchet and barrel. To top it off, the ultra-slim movement features contemporary haute horlogerie finishing with black ADLC coating and chamfered edges.


The Angelus U40 Racing Tourbillon, featuring the white tip hands.

The Angelus U40 Racing Tourbillon, featuring hour and minute hands with white tip.


The watch is cased in Grade 5 Titanium, and it measures 42mm in diameter. The 10mm thick timepiece features a design cue that combines a myriad of lines and curves, with alternating polished and satin-finished surfaces. It is paired with a multi-step bezel, with black, dark grey and light grey with red imprints and a flange with an index and chapter rings. To further accentuate the racing pedigree, the tips of the hour and minute hands are painted with either red or white.

Finally, the watch is matched with a black rubber strap, featuring a three-dimensional motif and the Angelus logo. For more information, do check out Angelus’ website here.


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