April Fools! : Did we fool you yesterday :) ?

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Yesterday the date was 01/04/16 aka April Fools Day and we slotted something into the review of the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex regarding its true design inspiration.

Did you fall for it?  If you did then we managed to fool you!   The Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex isn’t based on the Durian fruit found in Asia.  As it looks so similar we thought we would have a little bit of fun with our readers.

Deployant April Fools!

The Urwerk UR-105 T Rex isnt based on the Durian 🙂

We asked Martin Frei from Urwerk beforehand regarding pulling off the prank and he was agreeable to it from that start, even pulling our leg that it was based on the Esplanade- Theatres by the Bay at first.

From Martin Frei Co-Founder of Urwerk regarding our suggestion for the prank:

“I am inspired by all sorts of things and, now that I have checked out the design of the Esplanade, I see that it does resemble the pattern on the T-Rex. I think you can definitely pull off that prank, it is just almost a pity to later say that it is not true. It would be necessary to write that it could have very well been true, and that this is exactly the way it usually works. I see a building, an object, a detail on a picture etc. and I combine such inputs in the creation of watch. Texture on the surface of an object invites you to touch, it entertains the eye. With the 105 T-Rex, a case that reveals only the time indication, we have space to apply and enfold a bas-relief. I think it really works well”.

 The rest of the review is truthful apart from the little section on the Durian and Esplanade.

A thank you to Martin Frei for playing along with the prank!

We hope you didn’t get fooled by the other horological April Fools items floating around the internet!


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