1 on 1: Comparing the Sinn EZM 1 and the EZM 1.1

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Sinn releases an update to the popular EZM 1 with a lookalike EZM 1.1. The new model is a limited edition of 500 pieces that marks the 20th anniversary since the watch was first released in 1997. As with usual Sinn ‘flamboyance’, the watch is packed with a foray of technology enhancements in mechanical engineering.

Comparing the original with the new EZM 1.1

The new Sinn EZM 1.1 in stainless steel.

Advanced technology

The new EZM 1.1 is very much similar to the original in terms of case size and design. But while the original was cased in titanium, the newer EZM uses bead-blasted stainless steel. Both watches are 16.5 mm in thickness, but with an upsize from 40 mm to 43 mm in diameter. Still maintaining the extreme tool watch status, the go to watch of elite soliders, the EZM 1.1 also possesses functionality from –45°C up to +80°C. This is made possible with the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology first used in the original watch.


The Sinn EZM 1.1 uses Ar-Dehumidifying Technology which enhances functional reliability and prevents fogging.


The Ar in red and seen on the dial is the symbol for Argon, a special manufacturing process that fills the entire case with argon gas.  Argon helps to eliminate any ambient moisture that may be present during manufacturing. The gas also minimizes surface corrosion and slows down the breaking down of lubricants. The exclusive system eliminates condensation under temperature extremes.


The watch uses a mission timer design for optimal readability.


The same legibility

The mission timer EZM 1 is famed for its legibility, a requirement of the German Central Customs Support Group, ZUZ (Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe Zoll), a special unit assigned to the German Customs Investigation Bureau – much like a special police commando unit. Since accurate time measurement is essential for such units when carrying out what can sometimes be extremely tricky operations, the officials opted for a highly robust chronograph with instrument-like precision, and easy readability at a glance. The unique chronograph layout uses the full dial as a 60 minutes counter, instead of the traditional 30 minutes sub-dial on most chronographs. On a full run, the EZM can time up to 1 hour 59 seconds. Additionally, the pilot’s bezel can be rotated on both sides and used as a countdown indicator. The captive countdown bezel features minute ratcheting. The importance of legibility and the ‘tacticalisation’ of the dial can be seen from the use of red paint on all other parts of the dial which are not essential to the mission. The important time indicators are marked in white or luminous paint and well contrasted with a black background.


The original EZM 1 on the left and the new EZM 1.1 on the right. The original is sized at 40 mm, while the new EZM 1.1 at 43 mm. The original EZM 1 belongs to our Chief Editor, purchased some 20 years ago used a Lemania 5100 movement modified to provide all the counter indications from the center. 


Unique to the EZM design is the choice of crowns and pushers on the left side of the watch. This feature is likely due to the fact that service personnel frequently tilt their wrists when raising their rifles and a crown on the right side of the watch will dig into their skin or obstruct their movement. We also heard some explanations that as the trigger finger of the operatives never leave the trigger, the only way to activate the chronograph is by the thumb, requiring the crown and pushers to be on the left side of the dial. The EZM 1.1 uses a 7750 based movement is officially known as the Sinn SZ01, a self-winding mechanism with 28 bearing jewels and beats at 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour. It has a hacking seconds stop function, is shock resistant as per DIN 8308 and anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309.

As is commonly fitted on Sinn watches, a copper sulphate capsule is fitted on the right lug. The capsule is normally white, but when the case is compromised by moisure, it turns blue.


The closed caseback of the EZM 1.1, with a limited numbered edition of 500 pieces.


A new movement

The new Sinn EZM 1.1 uses a modified Valjoux 7750, while the original uses the Lemania 5100. Both chronograph movements are highly reliable and widely used, although the Lemania 5100 is possibly much harder to acquire now than 20 years ago.

More weight to bear

The original Sinn EZM 1 uses a full titanium case and is 3mm smaller than the latest EZM 1.1. This is reflected in the weight of the larger and stainless-steel update. The original EZM 1 weighs 61 grams without bracelet or strap, and the EZM 1.1 weighs 106 grams. While still relatively light, the original EZM is understandably more comfortable compared to the new EZM 1.1, given its lightness. Apart from that, the original EZM uses tritium for the luminous markers, as seen with the 3H marking on the dial, which stylistically alludes to classic military timepieces of the 70s, like the Heuer Bundeswehr. While the new EZM 1.1 keeps the same red circle marking on the dial, it somehow loses the flavor of a 3H marking, and the beauty of a patina lume as seen in the example photographed.


The original Sinn EZM1 is in a titanium case and equipped with a modified Lemania 5100. The lume on the indices and hands are tritium.


Concluding thoughts

All in all, the EZM 1.1 is a welcome update to the original EZM 1. That said, the original is difficult to be replaced, and has in its own rights all the charms of the old-world tool watch. Its titanium case, and for some, a preferred 40 mm case size and 5100 Lemania movement are features that puts the original EZM ahead of the remake. However, the remake EZM 1.1 is nonetheless an incredible watch that still bears all of Sinn’s innovation, from material innovation, to the Ar technology and unique timer display. For those who did not manage to get their hands on the original EZM, the EZM 1.1 is definitely a tool watch to consider as a fitting addition to any respectable collection.


Technical details and price

Sinn EZM 1.1 is priced at S$8,800

  • Limited edition to 500 units
  • SINN Movement SZ01
  • Case made of stainless steel, bead-blasted
  • Case made with TEGIMENT Technology and therefore especially scratch-resistant
  • 60-minute stop function from the dial centre
  • Ar-Dehumidifying Technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging
  • Functionally reliable from –45°C up to +80°C
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Crown on the left side of the case to prevent pressure on the back of the hand
  • Captive pilot’s bezel with minute ratcheting
  • Mission timer design for optimal readability
  • Pressure-resistant to 20 bar
  • Low pressure resistant
  • SINN Movement SZ01
  • Self-winding mechanism
  • 28 bearing jewels
  • 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour
  • Seconds stop function
  • Shock resistant as per DIN 8308
  • Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309


  • Case made of stainless steel, bead-blasted
  • Sapphire crystal glass in front
  • Case back screw-fastened
  • Crown screwable
  • Meet the technical requirements for waterproofness, as set out in standard DIN 8310
  • Pressure-resistant up to 20 bar
  • Low pressure resistant


  • Hours, minutes, date display
  • Chronograph with centred 60-minute and 60-second stopwatch hand
  • Pilot’s bezel with luminous key mark

SINN Technologies

  • TEGIMENT Technology and therefore especially scratch-resistant
  • Ar-Dehumidifying Technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging
  • Functionally reliable from –45°C up to +80°C
  • Captive bezel
  • Push-pieces with D3-System

Dimensions and Weight

  • Case diameter: 43 mm
  • Band lug width: 22 mm
  • Case thickness: 16,4 mm
  • Weight without strap: 106 gramme

Dial and Hands

  • Mission timer design for optimal readability


  • 3 years

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