Throwback Sundays: Six Watch Recommendations for Couples to Share, from Our Archives

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Recently, the author was asked by a few people to recommend watches that couples can buy and share with between partners. We think this actually a brilliant idea, so here is the first Throwback from a reader request. And as usual we write it from a collector’s point of view.

By sharing watches with their spouses, watch collectors can (i) get their partners to share and enjoy this hobby, as well as to (ii) attain blessings from their partners to purchase more watches to add into their watch collection. This is definitely welcoming for many of us, because some have spouses who disapprove of this hobby. There is nothing inherently wrong in that, but it just makes it tougher for us to justify the next watch purchase.

So, that got us thinking. What are some of the watches that collectors can buy and share with their partners? Well, let’s find out!




The SEVENFRIDAY P3/07 Kuka III. A loud but interesting piece for the bold.


We begin the article with one of the more interesting and bold watches in recent times: the SEVENFRIDAY P3/07 Kuka III.

SEVENFRIDAY took the watch industry by storm in 2013. This can be attributed to several reasons, which notably includes its rounded square case shape and contemporary dial design. It’s accessible price point can be also another reason to attribute it to its success.

Last year, SEVENFRIDAY launched the Kuka III edition. The watch is inspired by a German manufacturer of industrial robots, in which its corporate colour (orange) is used as the colour scheme for the timepiece. The watch is finished in black PVD stainless steel, which adds a nice contrast to the bright orange accents on the dial and strap.

Priced at US$1,200 (approximately S$1,629), the Kuka III is an interesting and relatively affordable addition to any watch collection. It is a cool-looking timepiece too, and we reckon it is perfect for couples who are fun-loving and are bold enough to try something different.


NOMOS Tetra Neomatik


The Nomos Tetra neomatik, with two different dial variants.


NOMOS is a brand that we have been constantly raving about. The Glashütte-based watch manufacturer is getting positive reviews from collectors and media alike, and is known for its modestly-priced but well-made German watches.

The Tetra neomatik is one of the watches from NOMOS, and it is definitely an intriguing piece. The watch’s square case is perhaps the most distinctive feature, as it is something atypical from the usual rounded or tonneau cases that we are used to. However, the brand’s minimalist philosophy remains, with its Bauhaus-inspired design and uncluttered dial.

On top of that, we reckon the movement deserves a mention too. The Tetra neomatik is fitted with the in-house DUW3001, which boasts a decent power reserve of around 42 hours. It also possesses the signature German watchmaking characteristics, such as Glashütte three-quarter plate, rhodium-plated movement surfaces, Glashütte ribbing, as well as the NOMOS perlage. At a price of S$4,920, the NOMOS certainly gives its competitors a run for their money. It is also a great choice for couples who wants something different from the usual Swiss/Japanese offerings.


IWC Pilot’s Mark XVIII “Le Petit Prince” Edition


The IWC Pilot’s Mark XVIII “Le Petit Prince” Edition.


When it comes to IWC watches, one particular soft spot that we have is the Pilot’s collection, and in particular the “Le Petit Prince” editions within the collection.

The “Le Petit Prince” edition for Pilot’s collection was first launched in 2013, and it captured both our hearts and attention. The story of the Little Prince and his adventures on Earth (and particularly in Sahara, where his plane crashed), have enchanted many since young, and the IWC creation of this collection had certainly tugged our heartstrings.

Besides its association with a story that many love, the other thing that makes the “Le Petit Prince” edition an alluring piece is its stunning blue dial. We feel that the blue dial is a tad more interesting that the typical black one on pilot watches, and it creates a nice contrast with both the white numerals and stainless steel case.

The 40mm self-winding Mark XVIII is certainly one that is easy to fall in love with. The watch is priced at S$6,250, and it is certainly something that is nice to have for couples (or individuals) who have a thing for one of the best-selling novels in the world.


Rolex Air King


The Rolex Air King. One glance, and you can tell that it is a modern Rolex.


If the usual Rolex watches bore you, then perhaps the Air King might be something that is worth a double take.

Launched in Baselworld 2016, the Air King was perhaps one of the most interesting watches that Rolex have launched in recent times. It is not a new collection, nor does the watch features any revolutionary complication or technical breakthroughs. The Air King was interesting for the fact that it features a contemporary and unique dial design – something that is a tad distinctive from the usual Rolex watches. The combined use of both hours and minutes numerals on the dial is unusual, and the yellow crown and green “Rolex” print makes its aesthetics even more unique.

While its appearance might be different, but the Air King is still a Rolex through and through. This means that it is still remains a well-built and robust timepiece. The 40mm watch features Rolex’s signature oyster case and bracelet, and its Calibre 3131 movement is Superlative Chronometer Certified (in which the movement is subjected to deviate only by 2 seconds daily). The Rolex Air King retails at S$8,340, and it is the ideal watch for couples who wants a Rolex that is not conservative and “boring”.


Panerai Mare Nostrum Acciaio – PAM00716


The Panerai Mare Nostrum Acciaio, a remake of the original Mare Nostrum.


Over the recent years, Panerai has considerably changed people’s perception with large watches. Ever since the brand became popular around a or two decade back, people have taken a preference over larger watches, as compared to the smaller ones. It is the same for female collectors as well, where it was unthinkable for them to wear gigantic watches a few decades back.

While the Luminor and Radiomir are Panerai’s flagship collections, there is yet another lesser known model that is only known to the more avid collectors. Termed the “Mare Nostrum“, the chronograph from Panerai has the honour of being the first-ever chronograph produced by the brand, initially intended for deck officers of the Royal Italian Navy. Over the brand’s history, a few reissues were produced – most recently in 2017, in which the 42mm timepiece was inspired by the 1993 model.

Priced at S$14,600, the Mare Nostrum Acciaio is a great alternative for someone who is looking to own a Panerai watch. It is also not too large, as compared to the 44mm or 47mm Panerai watches. Certainly a great piece that would look good on both a gentleman’s and ladies’ wrist.


Patek Philippe Nautilus


The Nautilus, Reference 5711, in rose gold.


Finally, we round up the article with Patek Philippe’s Nautilus.

Launched in 1976, the Nautilus – which was Patek Philippe’s answer to the Royal Oak – is an odd-child from a rather conservative watch manufacturer. Also designed by Gerald Genta, it quickly became one of the brand’s most sought-after timepieces even till today.

The Nautilus is available in multiple case materials and complications, such as the date with moonphase (Ref. 5712), chronograph (Ref. 5980), and the perpetual calendar (Ref: 5740). Intriguingly, the most popular model within the collection is the base model (Ref. 5711). The timepiece, in stainless steel, which features its signature horizontally embossed dial (in blue, no less), is said to have a long waiting list in boutiques and authorised dealers.

Prices of the Nautilus collection begins at S$39,300 for the Ref. 5711 in stainless steel, and it goes up to S$156,800 for the Ref. 5740 in white gold. If you can only get one watch, then this might be the only one that you’d ever need.


Concluding Thoughts


For this week’s article, we have selected watches that we reckon are great choices for both the gentlemen and ladies. In this age where the lines are slightly blurred in terms of watch preferences between the genders, we have an easier job this time in terms of our selections.

Most of the watches that we have selected are leaning towards the more unusual choices, because we feel that these watches are generally more gender agnostic. Another characteristic is that is that these watches are generally sports watches, which we think are gaining popularity amongst female collectors as well. The plethora of ladies wearing Rolex sports watches is a good example of that.

So, what are some of the watches that you share with your spouses? Also, what are some of the watches that you reckon are worth a spot in this list? Let us know in the comment section below.



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