The HYT2

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The HYT watches have been making waves…yes, pun intended…with their hydro mechanical watches since they were first revealed to the horological world.

I covered the first in the series, the HYT1 in these pages before. See here, and here.

It was a pleasant afternoon with Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT.

These are quite rare timepieces, so an assembly of 5 in one location is even more rare…

And a new case material for the HYT1

But on to the HYT2.

The watch is rather large at 48mm, but feels great on the wrist. The design of the way the straps attach to the case makes this comfortable to wear.

Now built by Gulio Papi of Renaud et Papi…the HYT1 was the work of Jean-François Mojon of Chronode. The 2 features the bellows tilted at an angle, suggesting the V engine

The characteristic HNM indicators which are a tell tale of the R&P origins.

A closer look at the dial. Now a temp sensor tells the wearer if the liquid is within temperatures which allow it to expand and contract to show the time accurately. This is only needed when the watch is off the wrist, as when worn, the wrist keeps it at a fairly constant temperature, well within the operating parameters.

From the rear, the V is obvious

And Vincent…


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