Spot the Watch: Patek Philippe Aquanaut and Nautilus wearers

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For this weeks Spot the Watch, we decided to focus on wearers of two particular models from Patek Philippe. The models are the Aquanaut and the Nautilus.

Now the Aquanaut can be viewed as the Nautilius’ little brother but it is still a versatile timepiece with its rubber strap that matches the texture of the dial.  The first two owners of the Aquanaut are from the Beatles.  They are Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.  Pretty interesting they both like to wear the exact same model which is the Ref 5167/A in stainless steel.

Paul-McCartney Patek

Paul McCartney with his Patek Philippe Ref 5167/A in stainless steel. Picture (C) Esquire UK


RingoStarr Patek

Ringo Starr with his Patek Philippe Ref 5167/A in stainless steel. Picture (C) Universal Records

Another wearer of the Aquanaut is the famous investor George Soros and his smaller Reference 5066A.

AP Photo

Ref 5066/A in stainless steel on the wrist of George Soros. Picture (C) AP Photo

The Ref 5167/A in stainless steel.

Ref 5167A

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref 5167/A in stainless steel


The smaller sized Reference 5066A . Picture (C) Sothebys

Now onto the Nautilus wearers.  The first owners are from the Iron Man series of movies.  Robert Downey Jr who plays Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Don Cheadle who plays his best friend Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes.

Robert Downey Jr has been spotted wearing the Ref 5712/A, featuring moonphase and power reserve indicator.


Patek Philippe Ref 5172 in Stainless Steel on the wrist of Robert Downey Jr. Picture (C) Popsugar


The Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref 5712/A

Don Cheadle owns the classic time only model Ref 5711/A.  He also likes Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Offshore models. Coincidentally the Royal Oak and the Nautilus were designed by same man: Gerald Genta.



The Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref 5711/A

The final two owners are both football players.  We have previously shown Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lampard, who both love their Patek Philippe timepieces.

Claudio Marchisio, a Italian midfielder for Juventus  and Karim Benzema, a French striker who plays for Real Madrid both love their timepieces.  They own the same stainless Patek Philippe chronograph the Ref 5980 in stainless steel.

Claudio Marchisio with a Nautilus Ref 5980 in steel. Picture (C) Lapresse

Karim Benzema with the same model.


French striker Karim Benzema with his Nautilus Ref 5980 in steel. Picture (C) Celebbuzz



The Patek Philippe 5980 Chronograph. Picture (C) Sothebys

That concludes this Patek Philippe themed Spot the Watch!


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