Spot the Watch: Ellen DeGeneres, comedian and host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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For this weeks Spot the Watch we are featuring a lady for the first time.  Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian and hosts her own wildly successful daytime Talk-variety show The Ellen Show.  She has won many Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Talk Show Host and has hosted the Oscars twice.  Ellen DeGeneres also likes her watches, one brand in particular: Rolex.

We have noticed she has many modern pieces and also quite likes vintage models as well!  On one episode of the Ellen Show her guest was Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. He happens to be a vintage Rolex collector and was wearing a Paul Newman Daytona.  At the end of the show you could clearly see she wanted to ask him about the watch on his wrist!

Since we mentioned a Paul Newman Daytona, here is Ellen wearing her vintage Rolex Paul Newman on the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards. Now we cant be 100% sure if its a Reference  6241.  The outer minute track is red and the sub-dials are black contrasting the white dial.  It has pump pushers so we are leaning towards the 6241.  Please let us know your thoughts on what reference number it is.

Ellen Daytona

Ellen DeGeneres with her vintage Rolex Paul Newman Daytona. Picture (C) People’s Choice Awards

Next up we have Ellen sporting a modern Rolex Submariner Ref 116619LB.  This version is White Gold and has a ceramic blue bezel and ocean blue coloured dial.  This Sub has the nickname “Smurf” after the children’s cartoon The Smurfs.  Ellen is pictured wearing this watch on her visit to Australia in 2013. Ellen’s wife Portia De Rossi happens to be from Australia!

Ellen White Gold Sub

Ellen DeGeneres with her White Gold Rolex Submariner.  Her wife Portia De Rossi on the left appears to be wearing a gold Rolex also.  Picture (C) Celebuzz

Now from a vintage Daytona to a modern one.  Here Ellen is wearing a modern Rolex Daytona in 18k Everose Gold.  Everose Gold is unique to Rolex and does not fade over time.  We have a soft spot for gold Daytonas and think they look quite good on the wrist of a lady.  This is just one of many modern Daytonas, she owns.

Ellen with her Rolex Daytona in 18k Everose Gold. Picture (C) Peoples Choice Awards.

Next we have spotted Ellen with another vintage Rolex.  The model in question is the Ref 1655 Explorer II.  This Rolex was designed for cave explorers, the prominent orange arrow shaped hand allowed for the wearer, who may not see daylight for days to determine whether it was night or day with the marked 24 hr bezel. This model is quite cool and doesn’t get as much attention as its brother the Daytona.

Ellen with her vintage Rolex 1655 Explorer II Picture (C) Fame Pictures, Inc

We will feature two more vintage Daytonas that we have spotted on Ellen’s wrist.  We are pretty certain they are the References 6263 and 6265 Daytonas.  These are the non Newman variety.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi Shop on Melrose for Valentines Day on February 14, 2014, Los Angeles, California, USA. Photo Credit Brian Lindensmith. Copyright All Access Photo Agency.

Ellen Degeneres with her vintage Rolex 6263 Daytona.  Picture (C) All Access Photo Agency.

We think its pretty cool that Ellen not only purchases modern Rolexes but also purchases vintage pieces for her collection.


Ellen with her vintage Rolex 6265 Daytona. Picture (C) The Ellen Show

The next modern Rolex we have spotted on Ellen DeGeneres is the Rolex GMT Master II. The GMT Master from Rolex is a legendary tool and travel watch.  Designed on request by pilots of Pan Am, the iconic blue and red bezel became instantly recognisable.  We wish Rolex would make the new red and blue ceramic version in a Stainless Steel model.  Ellen is wearing the Ref 16710LN with ceramic black bezel and green hand for the 2nd timezone.


The Rolex GMT Master II with ceramic bezel on the wrist of Ellen. Picture (C) Hollywood Fix

To break the Rolexes up, here is Ellen with a Panerai. She is wearing PAM 50 on stainless steel bracelet.  She has been seen also wearing a newer rose gold 1950 cased model on the Ellen Show.

Ellen-Degeneres - Copy

The Panerai PAM50 on the wrist of Ellen.  Picture (C) LA Times

The final watch we are featuring is the new Rolex Yachtmaster with the Oysterflex bracelet.  This was released at Baselworld 2015.  It is the first Rolex on a rubber strap.  Ellen is pictured with it on her wrist at the recent Teen Choice Awards 2015.


Ellen wearing her new Rolex Yachtmaster with Oysterflex rubber strap.  Picture (C) Teen Choice Awards

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks Spot the Watch!

Update 22/04/16:  Finally found a clear image of Ellen wearing an Audmears Piguet

The model on her wrist is a Royal Oak Dual Time

Ellen AP reszied

Ellen wearing her Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Dual Time. Picture (C) The Observer


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