Spot the Watch: David and Victoria Beckham

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For this weeks Spot the Watch, we are featuring a fashion power couple.  They are David & Victoria Beckham.  David Beckham made his name playing Football aka Soccer for Manchester United.  He went on to play for Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy and PSG.  He is retired from football, but he still has considerable marketing appeal.  His wife Victoria Beckham was a pop star with the Spice Girls and is now a successful fashion designer with her eponymous label.  We have spotted them with various models from one brand in particular.  Rolex.

We will start off with Mr David Beckham.  A male style icon, who is often photographed for his stylish dressing and hairstyles.  He quite likes his wristwatches.  He owns timepieces from Jacob &Co and bought his eldest son Brooklyn Beckham the exact same model he owned.  A nice Father & Son combination.  We have noticed that David Beckham likes both modern and vintage Rolex.

The first Rolex spotted on his wrist is the Deepsea Sea Dweller.  The big brother of the smaller Sea Dweller, the Deepsea has a maximum depth rating of 12800ft or 3900m.    Mr Beckham owns two versions of the same watch.  The first version is the standard model straight from the Rolex factory.

David Beckham with his Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller. Picture (C) Pop Sugar

David Beckham with his Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller. Picture (C) Pop Sugar


The Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller

Now onto the vintage models spotted on his wrist.  The first vintage model spotted is the classic Datejust with a 36mm gold case.  It features a pale gold dial with baton markers.  On a leather strap it pairs very well with a suit.

A vintage Rolex Datejust on the wrist of David Beckham. Picture (C) Fox Sports

The final vintage model we spotted on the wrist of David Beckham is a nipple dial GMT Master with brown bezel.  What makes the watch even more cool is the fact it is mounted to a fatstrap!  Just like another style icon, Paul Newman who wore his Rolex Daytona on a fatstrap!.  The man on the right of the photo with David Beckham is Justin Theroux, an actor and screenwriter. He happens to be wearing a vintage Rolex Submariner in yellow gold with a nipple dial also!

David Beckham, Cathy Moriarty, Justin Theroux

David Beckham wearing his vintage Rolex GMT Master Nipple dial on fatstrap (L) and Justin Theroux (R) wearing his vintage Rolex Submariner in gold with nipple dial.  Picture (C) The Observer

Another photo with a close up of the vintage Rolex GMT Master on the wrist of David Beckham.

(C) Bleacher Report

A close up of David Beckham’s vintage GMT Master on fatstrap (C) Bleacher Report

Now we will show you some of the Rolex watches spotted on the wrist of Victoria Beckham.

Like her husband, Victoria Beckham likes both modern and vintage Rolex pieces.  She is seen on a regular basis wearing her gold Rolex Daytona with the in-house automatic Calibre 4130.   We have said previously the Daytona looks good on a ladies wrist, especially a gold version!

(C) Pop Sugar

Victoria Beckham with her gold Rolex Daytona. Picture (C) Pop Sugar

RG Daytona

The Rolex Daytona in Rose Gold. The same model on the wrist of Victoria Beckham

The next model spotted on the wrist of Victoria Beckham, appears to be a vintage Datejust with a bark coloured dial.  The more alarming thing noticed while looking at the picture is that a screw for one of the bracelet segments has come out a fair distance. We hope she noticed it in time!


A vintage Rolex Datejust on the wrist of Victoria Beckham. Hopefully the screw from the bracelet of the watch didn’t fall out!  Picture (C)

The next vintage model spotted on her wrist is another vintage Day Date with a pastel green Stella Dial.  A Stella dial is the nickname given to enamel dials in Rolex watches.  The pastel green colour complements the yellow gold case and even though the watch is for a gentleman, it looks quite elegant on a lady.

A vintage Rolex Day Date with Stella dial on the wrist of Victoria Beckham

To finish we thought we would feature a shot of David and Victoria Beckham wearing their Rolexes.  David Beckham’s second Rolex Deepsea makes an appearance.  The second model has been customised with a Black PVD Coating and the arrow tip for the bezel has been coloured red.  This gives the watch a completely different look, making the 43mm case and the bracelet look badass!

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham with their Rolexes at a basketball match. Picture (C) Reuters

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks Spot the Watch!


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