Spot the Watch: Automotive Journalists

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Automotive and Horology has an almost unbreakable bond that is forged since the early 1900s. It is not surprising that Petrol Heads are Watch Nuts too. Since writer Stanley takes time off once in a while to watch The Grand Tour and Automotive related content on Youtube, he decided to watch spot at the same time to bring you this week’s content.

Photo Courtesy of The Grand Tour Youtube channel.

Spot the Watch: Automotive Journalists

In this week’s Spot the Watch, we decided to watch some Amazon Prime and Youtube. While enjoying the content from our Automotive sector colleagues, we noticed that they are wristed with very interesting time pieces that would probably interest you.

Richard Hammond, The Grand Tour (Sand Job)

Richard Hammond was spotted wearing the Rolex Explorer II. It is not surprising that Richard would be spotting a Rolex on his wrist as he has been spotted wearing various different models from the Crown on numerous occasions. However, the exact reference was unable to be determined as it wasn’t that clear on videos. Should we be taking a educated guess, the one that is spotted on his wrist is reference 16570.

Photo Courtesy of The Grand Tour Youtube channel.

Photo Courtesy of Philips.

Jeremy Clarkson, The Grand Tour (Sand Job)

Jeremy was spotted with a Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M. He have been wearing the Omega Seamaster for quite a number of The Grand Tour specials as well as his other show, Clarkson’s Farm. The Seamaster that he is donning on is pretty much sized like a clock at 45.5MM but due to his large stature, standing at 1.96M it fits perfectly on his wrist. Jeremy have also been spotted with other watches of such size such as the Railmaster XXL.

Photo Courtesy of The Grand Tour Youtube channel.

Photo courtesy of Omega.

James May, The Grand Tour (Sand Job)

Captain Slow was wristed with the G-Shock DW5600. It does look like either the SB-3 or the RB-3DR which are both green. While both his co-host opted for mechanical tool watches that are “James Bond” certified and has withstood the test of time, James decided to wear something a little more quirky and certainly could withstand the shocks and gruelling weather of Mauritania. We certainly think that G-Shock is a must have during all travelling trips, we know that writer Stanley always hangs a Mudman G9300-GB 1 on his backpack for all his trips too!

Photo Courtesy of The Grand Tour Youtube channel.

Tim Burton, Shmee150

Moving on from the TV screen to Youtube! One of the pioneers in car spotting and the new generation of automotive media, Shmee150 is certainly a staple to watch on Youtube! His immense collection of cars from Ferraris to Mercedes is certainly impressive. What we also know is that Tim is also a watch collector with many Moonswatches, Rolexes too! Recently, we have been spotting the Aventi Wraith that is made out of their proprietary material Saphite™. It is a crystalline structure suspended in a glassy matrix, increasing its impact and scratch resistant. The watch is driven by a Swiss Made hand wound tourbillon. What a watch we would say!

Screen grab from Shmee150 youtube.

Image courtesy of Aventi.

Sam Fane, Seen Through Glass

Right after Tim, we have his friend and also one of the early adopter of car youtube scene, Sam who runs Seen Through Glass. Shout out to his Ferrari 360 Mondena CS (It’s the first Ferrari that writer Stanley have driven when he was in University) and also his amazing Porsche GT3 (992). His car collection is something that we would definitely have in a 3 car garage (3rd being a family car that he always keeps). He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a Watch Nut as he constantly have wrist shots that Deployant would definitely approve of. One of the watches that he always posted and the OG would know is the Omega Speedmaster Professional and we suspect that it is the model that runs the movement caliber 1861. Hey Sam! Please tell us more if you ever read this!

Screen grab from seenthroughglass instagram.

Screen grab from seenthroughglass instagram.

Matt Watson, Carwow

One of the newest and most popular automotive youtube channel of late is Carwow. It’s crazy drag races that involves amazing hyper cars to the more normal super saloons are certainly entertaining to watch! It is certainly credited to Matt the presenter who is fun and quirky! Apart from his interesting collection of cars such as the new Porsche GT3 RS and Toyota GR Yaris that reflects his great taste in cars, he has recently been spotted wearing a IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun! What an iconic piece! Who said that once you go down the road of smart watch you are unable to get back to mechanical watches? Matt was wearing a smart watch early in his career but we are glad to spot this beast from IWC now a days!

Screen grab from Carwow Instagram.


There we go! 6 Automotive Journalists that Stanley have been watching and they don’t only own interesting cars in their garages, they certainly do have a mean collection of watches too! Remember, your collection of watches in one way or another reflects your personality and taste. The 6 gentleman above have great taste in both cars and watches, it certainly makes watching TV and youtube way more interesting for us Watch Nuts and Petrol Heads.


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