Spot the Watch: Aussie Chefs Special

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For Spot the Watch column we have previously covered chefs Eric Ripert and Daniel Boulud and their selection of timepieces.  Today we are covering some well known Aussie chefs and the watches we have spotted that grace their wrists.

First up is George Calombaris.  To our Australian readers he should be very familiar for those who watch Masterchef.  He one of the three judges on the show.  In addition to this, he is a very successful chef & restaurateur.  We spotted a Zenith timepiece on his wrist that has an Australian connection to the aviation world.  The Zenith Pilot Type 20 Tribute to Sir Charles Kingsford Smith was released at Baselworld 2014.  Sir Charles Kingsford Smith was an Australian aviator who made  the first trans-Pacific flight from the United States to Australia.  The main airport of Sydney is named in his honour.  The Zenith Pilot Type 20 Tribute to Sir Charles Kingsford Smith features the  Southern Cross constellation on the dial.  This was also the name of Sir Charles Kingsford Smiths plane.  On the back of the watch is an engraved picture of the Australian aviator.


George Calombaris with the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Tribute to Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. Picture (C) Zomato


The Zenith Pilot Type 20 Tribute to Sir Charles Kingsford Smith

The next Aussie Chef is Shannon Bennett.  He runs the successful Vue de monde restaurent located in the Rialto Tower in Melbourne in addition to many others.  The two watches we have spotted on his wrist of note come from IWC and Rolex.

The model from IWC is the Fliegeruhr Doppelchrono Top Gun Edition.  Doppelchronograph is the German word for Double Chronograph aka Split Seconds Chronograph.  This allows the wearer to time two separate events. Is a Double chronograph useful in the kitchen? It possibly is but since the watch is so cool it doesn’t matter!


IWC Fliegeruhr Doppelchrono Top Gun Edition on the wrist of Shannon Bennett.  Picture (C) Intercontinental

The model from Rolex is the Deepsea Sea Dweller D-Blue.  This model was made in recognition of James Cameron’s voyage to the bottom of the Mariana Trench’s lowest point. It features a gradient blue dial representing the descent to the dark depths.

Chef Shannon Bennett with the Rolex Deepsea Seadweller D-Blue Photo (C) Martin Philbey



The Rolex Deepsea Seadweller D-Blue

The next Aussie chef is Curtis Stone.  He is known for his restaurant Maude in Beverley Hills and his numerous appearances on US food television shows.    Curtis Stone frequently wears a Rolex GMT Master II with ceramic bezel Ref 116710LN.  The GMT Master needs no introduction and is one versatile travel watch!


The Rolex GMT Master II Ref 116710LN on the wrist of Aussie Chef Curtis Stone. Picture (C) Coles


The Rolex Ref 116710LN

The second watch spotted on his wrist is by Franck Muller. It is the Casablanca “Black Casa” 8880 with red accents, featuring the signature Franck Muller  Cintrée Curvex case in stainless steel with PVD treatment.  A stealth timepiece!

Picture (C) AP Images

Chef Curtis Stone with a Franck Muller Casablanca “Black Casa” Picture (C) AP Images

FM Casablanca

The Franck Muller Casablanca “Black Casa” with PVD stainless steel case.

The final chef from Australia we are featuring is Mr Neil Perry.  He is best known for his restaurant Rockpool and is the consultant chef for Australian airline Qantas.

The first watch spotted on his wrist from Jaeger LeCoultre.  It is the Master Control in stainless steel.  A  very classical styled and refined timepiece.

Chef Neil Perry with a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control in stainless steel. Picture (C) Neil Hires


The Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control in stainless steel Ref 1548420

The second timepiece spotted on his wrist is from Omega.  We spotted Mr Perry with an orange bezel Seamaster Planet Ocean and he has it on an Omega orange strap.  It certainly stands out on the wrist!  Note the Omega signage in the background is for the cooking appliances not the watch brand.


Chef Neil Perry with a Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean.  Picture (C) Appliance Retailer


The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean on the right is the same model on the wrist of Chef Neil Perry.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean on the right is the same model on the wrist of Chef Neil Perry.

We also spotted him wearing a Omega DeVille Co-Axial with a yellow gold case.


An Omega DeVille on the wrist of Neil Perry. Picture (C) Rockpool

We hope you have enjoyed this culinary themed Spot the Watch!


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