A very special Spot the Watch: Singapore’s first ever Olympic Gold Medalist and Olympic Record Holder Joseph Schooling!

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August 12th 2016, a day that will be remembered by Singaporeans for a long time to come.  A young man by the name of Joseph Schooling won the gold medal in the final of the 100m butterfly at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.  He set an Olympic record with a time of 50.39 seconds and became the first Singaporean ever to win a gold medal at the Olympics!  A fantastic achievement and we congratulate Joseph Schooling who has made Singapore very very proud!  To celebrate we have a very short  but special Spot the Watch.

We did some searching on Google and were able to spot him with a timepiece.  The watch on his wrist is a Tissot T-Touch.  The T-Touch is quite innovative as it has a touch sensitive sapphire crystal to control various functions of the watch.   It is also water resistant to 100 metres making it perfect for a swimmer.  We quite like the photo as Joseph Schooling is giving the camera the thumbs up!  Again a massive congratulations young man on a milestone achievement!


The first Singaporean to win a Gold Medal at the Olympics, Joseph Schooling with a Tissot T-Touch!

On further research  we think the watch on his wrist is possibly a Tissot T-TOUCH II ASIAN GAMES 2014 ref. T047.420.47.207.02.  This was a limited edition release by Tissot to celebrate the 17th Asian Games held in Incheon , South Korea.  Tissot was the official timekeeper of the Games.  Joseph Schooling won gold at the Asian Games for the 100m Butterfly and he possibly purchased the watch to commemorate his maiden victory at major event.


Tissot T-TOUCH II ASIAN GAMES 2014 ref. T047.420.47.207.02

That concludes this very special Olympic  Spot the Watch!


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  1. You forgot to mention that he is swimming at University of Texas and their coach is one of the best in NCAA