Sinn U50 S review: a contender for the best tool watch?

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The new Sinn U50 S is at its heart the same dive watch like the U1 but thinner and smaller than before. As part of the U50 range, it comes in a PVD coated U50 S variant as shown here, or a regular steel colored U50 and the U50 SDR, steel case with contrasting PVD bezel.

We covered the Sinn U50 release details in this article here.

Sinn U50 S

Retail price is US$2920 before taxes.

The Case and Dial

While the U1 is sized at 44 mm and has a water resistance of 1000m, the U50 is smaller at 41 mm diameter and 11.15 mm thickness. It loses half the pressure rating and is resistant to 500m.

The smaller case is welcome to those with slimmer wrists and prefers a lighter weight tool watch. A slimmer, smaller and lighter tool watch is always more welcome when doing high mobility activities which generate inertia on the wrist. Considering that the watch is still resistant to 500 m achieved on 11.15 mm thickness is also pretty impressive.

The case is made from tegiment treated German Submarine Steel with a PVD coating. Sinn only uses hard coatings with TEGIMENT surfaces which increases the quality of the coating and prevents the common peeling problems from lower quality coatings.

The TEGIMENT hardness profile is continuous. In other words, the high level of surface hardness transitions very gradually to the basic hardness of the material. This makes it possible for a PVD paint coating to be applied without risking the otherwise familiar peeling effect of the paint from the body of the case.

Double sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal is used above the dark black dial. Contrasting rectangular syringe hands are used, with the iconic square flag seconds hand. Matching hour markers line the dial, with a date window at 3 o’clock.

The movement

The Sinn U50 S is powered by a Sellita SW300-1 movement, similar to eta based movements in terms of performance, the movement offers approximately 40 hours power reserve and a date function, with indicator at 3. It beats at 28,800 vph and has hacking seconds for more accurate time setting.

Concluding thoughts

Overall, the Sinn U50 is a more wearable Sinn U1, primarily for the lighter weight, thinner frame and smaller width. Its unique styling, focus on manufacturing specifications and utilitarian brand story is highly compelling. Sinn focuses on case technology and quality testing, coupled with a workhorse movement, is a reliable hardy product. For its price however, a standard SW300-1 may not be the most exciting, considering examples like the Black Bay from Tudor with a 3 days COSC in-house movement. The watch is priced at US$2920 before taxes.


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  1. This would be a tool watch in the 70s.. today a tool watch is a smartwatch, which I am not at all interested in by the way.