Sinn EZM 12 – how to disinfect your watch

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Its a strange time that we live in now, with many in lockdown situations in our effort to stop the COVID-19 pandemic in its tracks. And we were reminded by the Sinn EZM 12, a watch designed for use in public health environments and very suitable for front liners as it is easy to disinfect.

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Sinn EZM 12

While the EZM 12 is designed to be a mission timer for emergency first responders, what struck us as particularly relevant is the way in which the EZM 12 can be fully disassembled for quick and efficient disinfection.

The EZM12’s case is a elongated tonneau shape, with a massive, hardened black bezel.

One of the special features of the EZM 12 particularly relevant to medical personnel is the ease of cleaning and disinfecting the watch, thanks to the quick and simple assembly and disassembly of the strap system and rotating bezel.

Removing the silicon strap is an easy operation of slipping it out of the bar ends and can be done without any tool. When locked in, it is secure and stays in place.
The rotating bezel can be easily popped open with the supplied utility knife for easy cleaning and sterlisation.

Each component can be cleaned with disinfectants containing ethanol, propan-2-ol, propan-1-ol and N-alkyl aminopropyl glycine, such as Bacillol® 30 Foam. The silicone strap can also be removed without the use of tools. The rotating bezel is easily removed using the large screwdriver on the penknife provided.

Sinn’s attention to detail, and the design of a tool watch which is done in collaboration with professionals in the selected field. Not some master watchmaker sitting in the Switzerland dreaming of what an emergency rescue team might need, Sinn chose to work directly with the German Air Rescue Service, which provide emergency response services while patrolling the AutoBahn in helicopters. As such, the needs of the emergency crew are well addressed.