SIHH 2015: Parmigiani Bugatti Révélation

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the partnership bewteen Parmigani and Bugatti (2004-2014), Parmigiani Fleurier is unveiling three limited editions of the Bugatti timepiece. The Bugatti Mythe, the Bugatti Victoire and the Bugatti Révélation are the new versions of this Anniversary Limited Edition.  We will be showing you the Révélation today which is our favourite of the three.

The quest that has underpinned the entire partnership, to make a car reborn as a watch, is celebrated in the aesthetics of the Bugatti Révélation.


The Parmigiani Bugatti Révélation

 Its design is based on the grille of the Bugatti Veyron with its honeycomb structure comprised of tightly-packed diamonds. This motif is reproduced in three places on the timepiece: on the dial, above the movement, and on the strap – with each appearance having a different meaning.

The watch’s dial embodies a car grille in a quite literal way. Previous Bugatti watch dials have been inspired by the grille, but never has the structure of its honeycomb-style mesh been as clear. The tiny proportions of this miniature grille necessitated ultra-precise laser cutting.


The “hood” lifted up to reveal the engine

The diamond motif can be found above the tubular movement, where it is hinged in a removable manner, concealing or revealing the watch’s impressive engine block. This cover is designed to represent a car bonnet and exactly reproduces the relationship between a car’s bodywork and its engine. It is entirely produced by hand using a traditional master jeweller’s technique that contrasts with the laser cutting of the miniature grille.

Finally, the diamond motif is reproduced lengthways on the strap in a much larger form. Through the use of a leather-making technique known as “debossing” which imprints a recess forming the motif, Bugatti Révélation’s unique strap suggests the tufting of car seat upholstery.


The 10 days power reserve moment : The Calibre PF370

The Deployant team thinks this watch looks absolutely sensational!

Specifications from Press Release


Calibre: PF370
Winding: Manual using a dynamometric starter
Power reserve indicated on the side of a rotating drum.
Power-reserve: 10 days
Frequency: 3 Hz – 21.600 A/h
Dimensions: 21.00 x 16.00 x 27.40 mm
Components: 314
Jewels: 37
Barrel(s): 2 series-coupled barrels
Decoration: Circular-grained hand-belleved main plates, Bugatti design

Hours and minutes
Power reserve indication engraved on drum

Shape: Special shape with cover
Dimensions: 52.50 x 32.40 mm
Thickness: 19.6 mm
Material: 18 ct rose gold
Finishing: Satin and polished
Water-resistance: 10 m
Glass: Anti-reflective sapphire
Back: Sapphire
Back engraving: Individual number, “2004-2014″ MODÈLE UNIQUE”

Material: Brass
Colour: Openworked graphite
Index: Rose gold plated
Finishing: “Grille” dial
Hands: Delta-shaped with luminescent coating

Material: Calf
Colour: Brown
Type: Folding





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