Review: the new Zenith DEFY Extreme Mirror

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Zenith has recently released the flashiest Chronograph till date, the Zenith DEFY Extreme Mirror. We had a hands on session with it and it certainly makes us look ourselves in the mirror every time we look at the watch.

Review: the new Zenith DEFY Extreme Mirror

The Zenith DEFY Extreme Mirror has a retail price of SGD 38,600. Price is inclusive of GST.

First Impression/The Case

“Eye-Catching” is the word that will definitely describe the Zenith DEFY Extreme. The latest iteration of the DEFY Extreme is so loud yet it blends in with the surroundings with its fully mirror-polished metal exterior.

When we first don it on our wrist, we cannot help but to feel the heft of the stainless steel on our wrist it is a far cry from the DEFY 21 that is made out of titanium. Visually, the DEFY Extreme is such a behemoth of a watch at 45MM, there is a small amount of legs overhang on the writer’s 6.25 inch wrist making his wrist look somewhat dainty in this instance.

Further complimenting the size, the DEFY Extreme comes with a very edgy case that further amplify it’s alpha male stature.

The Dial

On the dial, it is a mirror tinted sapphire. It is a sapphire crystal with a metallic mirrored finish that’s translucent yet reflective. Despite it’s mirror finishing and color very similar to the counters and hands, the effective play with satin-brushed metallic elements kept the dial very easy to comprehend while keeping to it’s mirror and metallic theme.

The dial is also a semi open-worked dial that enables the wearer to have a sneak peek at the famed “El-Primero” movement.

The Movement: El Primero 9004

This movement needs no introduction. The movement that is proudly on display at the case back is the El Primero 9004. It is currently the world’s fastest automatic high frequency chronograph caliber in production that could measure 1/100th of a second time measurements. It is achieved by having two independent escapements beating at the rates of 5Hz (36’000 VpH) for its time keeping role while the chronograph function beats at a whooping 50Hz (360’000 VpH).

Completing the movement is the signature Zenith star rotor that is finished in a greyish silver colour to match the case and dial. The El Primero 9004 has a weekend proof of 50 hours power reserve while the chronograph will stop timing itself after a grand total of 50 minutes.

The Bracelet

The Defy Extreme Mirror comes with 3 different bracelet/straps combination. The full polished metal bracelet, 1 rubber strap with deployant buckle and 1 Velcro strap. We will only cover the bracelet in this instance where it is in our opinion the most eye catching option amongst the three.

Let’s all be frank with ourselves, Zenith certainly knows a thing or two about how the bracelet is engineered, it would certainly be comfortable with most wrist and it won’t be an expensive “wax strip” for the discerning wearer.

There is only one thing that will keep floating on the writer’s mind, is how does it do with our daily “Desk Diving” and would it be a finger print/dust magnet? We certainly could confirm the latter. During our short interaction with the watch during the photoshoot, the watch has to be cleaned multiple times to ensure no finger prints were on it and most of the dust have been dusted off. It is certainly not for those with OCD at heart.


At this current juncture, there are not that many mirror finishing watches and the Zenith Defy is certainly one of the rare beast out there. However, as unique as the Defy is, it’s parent the LVMH has also done it with their other child, the Bulgari.

Bulgari have released the Octo Finissimo Sejima Edition. It is basically an Octo Finissimo that has morphed into a mirror just like the Defy Extreme but with less complication. It is basically a time only watch with a small second hand at the 7 o’clock position. The Octo Finissimo will be an amazing compliment to the Defy Extreme Mirror and will be a great two watch collection.


After having the touch and feel of the watch, the usability of the watch is definitely something that we cannot complain of. We love that the DEFY Extreme comes in so many different variants that would suit everyone.

This particular DEFY Extreme Mirror might not be the cup of tea for the writer due to it’s crazy size but it is one that kept him wondering… What if it’s a tad bit smaller… What if it is that weekend watch that he can wear out for drinks with his mates? Now that is some dangerous thinking. So, to cop or not to cop? Of course, only you can answer that. Do you think you can pull a full mirror polished, rather large watch?


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