Review: new micro brand Tennet’s Somerset

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We review a new Singaporean based micro brand who just released their inaugural collection – the Somerset. We had the watch for a week on the wrist and here are our thoughts on it.

Review: the new TENNET Somerset

The TENNET Somerset has a retail price of USD 1,200. The Somerset collection has 3 variants and is made in an extremely limited one-time run.

First Impression/The Case

TENNET is a Singaporean local brand. When we first received the watch, the lugs was the first thing that caught our attention. The aggressive flared lugs with two contrasting finishes makes it one of the most interesting part of the watch.

The case of the watch is sized at a very modest 38MM where it is friendly for both genders making it a great daily watch that can be shared with our partner. On the photo on the left, the writer’s partner is wristed with the TENNET and it instantly becomes a classy dress watch that is boardroom ready.

There is an easter egg on this watch. Found on the crown is a little red dot. The red dot where it is a tribute to the origin of the watch which is from the “Little Red Dot”, Singapore.

The Dial

The TENNET comes in 3 dial varients, namely Onyx (Black), Moon (White) and Lagoon (Blue). We chose the Lagoon as the test piece for our review as it is the most striking piece in our humble opinion. The dial of the watch is laid out in a sector-like design, incorporating various textures and shapes.

The tear-drop indices on the dial form a motif that is iconic of TENNET. According to their press-release, “Water stands for new life, vitality, hope and optimism, and the sinuous shape of the tear-drop is both elegant and dynamic.” When the night falls, the Swiss superluminova that is applied on the hands and indices illuminates the watch that gives it a unique TENNET identity with a colour matching lume for the minute hand and the 12 o’clock index.

The Movement

The caseback of the watch reveals the engine behind the watch. It is a Selita SW210 Top Grade manual-winding movement. The gorgeous movement is fully decorated, with Côtes de Genève stripes, perlage on the base plates, and heat-blued screws which is more often seen on higher-end watches.

“Shining brightly” on the wheel bridge features TENNET’s visual logo, an 8-pointed star, it symbolizes the clarity of their purpose and direction, and is also a symbol of protection, strength and energy.

The Strap

Each Somerset watch comes paired a full leather strap exclusively crafted for TENNET by the famous Singaporean strap retailer, Delugs. As expected, the straps from Delugs are soft and supple which we do not expect less from Ken and his team. The straps like most Delugs strap incorporate a quick change function that enables the watch to be a strap monster that is suitable to be dressed up or down.

Accompanying the strap, a special shoutout to the leather case that accompany the watch which is also from the Singaporean Strap manufacturer Delugs. We believe that the leather case, strap and the TENNET watch itself gives it a Singaporean identity which is ably reinforced by the “little red dot” on the crown.


The first watch that we suggest as a contender for this price range is the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 40MM. Yes, we might be a broken record on the matter but at this price range of USD 800, there isn’t anything that comes close to the PRX. It is a watch that comes with heritage (based on the Seastar from the 1970s), it has a virtually bulletproof movement and finally, it is a great daily beater with it’s integrated bracelet with quick change that also gives the owner a chance to change up to rubber. So what is there to complaint?

The second contender of the TENNET is our recently reviewed Estrowerk. The Estrowek is also a watch that is priced below the USD 1,000 mark. The futuristic themed watch, with it’s very unique identity of an exo-skeleton case along with a regulator style dial. Should one be looking for a watch that has a more unique identity then the Estrowerk might be an interesting alternative.


In summery, we find that the TENNET is a great proposition for one who is into a watch that is equivalent of a vanilla ice cream. Please don’t get us wrong, the writer is a huge fan of vanilla ice cream, so take this as a complement. It is a flavour that one won’t get sick of but lacks an element of “je ne sais quos“. Unlike, say a Rum and Raisin or Bailey’s Irish Cream Ice Cream.

We would love to hear from you on your opinion. Please leave a message below and tell us your thoughts!


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