Rare and special Lange watches in the “Exceptional Masterpieces” exhibition

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Some 30 rare and special creations by German watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne will make their appearance at an exhibition dedicated to innovation, craftsmanship and authentic design. This exhibition will be open to the public for 3rd to 5th December from 10:30am to 9pm at the National Gallery Singapore.

While the exhibition runs for five days, only 3rd to 5th December are open to the public. Interested visitors can go to https://events.alange-soehne.com/sg to register and indicate their preferred time slots.

Presss Release information with original photographs of the event. And a special report on the photography session within the exhibition.

A. Lange & Söhne holds Exceptional Masterpieces exhibition at National Gallery Singapore

In line with brand founder Walter Lange’s philosophy of “Never Stand Still”, A. Lange & Söhne continues to push the limits of innovation, craftsmanship and authentic design for its timepieces. That is why we see sustained aesthetic and technical improvements of its watches over the decades, and even so for the brand’s highly successful lines and models. As an homage to its dedication to its three bastions of innovation, craftsmanship and authentic design, the
watchmaker will be organising the Exceptional Masterpieces exhibition at National Gallery Singapore Supreme Court Terrace.

Held from 1 to 5 December, the exhibition will bring visitors on a retrospective journey of the brand’s history and evolution using A. Lange & Söhne’s iconic timepieces as the tools to build and tell the narrative. At the exhibition, visitors can be wowed by some 30 of the brand’s rare and limited-edition watches past and present, many of which are hardly seen in public outside of the watch manufactory and museum.

Another highlight of the exhibition will be the Lumen models on display. “Lumen” is the name of a series of four limited-edition platinum timepieces— Zeitwerk “Luminous” (2010); Grand Lange 1 “Lumen” (2013); Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase “Lumen” (2016) and Datograph Up/Down “Lumen” (2018)—that boasts an innovative and luminous way of presenting time in the dark. Because of the limited production numbers and the unique concept behind the “Lumen” watches, they are coveted by collectors the world over.

Horology enthusiasts will also be excited to know that the brand has sourced a selection of timepieces crafted out of honey gold, a proprietary gold alloy unique in colour and exclusive to Lange. Debuting in 2010, the patented material has been employed on various watches, all of which have been widely sought-after by connoisseurs because of its special hue and its higher resistance to scratches and damage.

“It is our pleasure to organise the Exceptional Masterpieces exhibition at National Gallery Supreme Court Terrace. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet our friends of the brand as well as to narrate the storied heritage of A. Lange & Söhne to the public. Lange is a special brand and our watchmaking philosophy is unique in the way we create our timepieces. This exhibition, as well as the rare and special watches on display, will allow those who might not know us well to have a better understanding of the brand. We are also very pleased to be able to feature some rare and exciting ‘Lumen’ models and watches crafted out of our proprietary material- Honey Gold.”

Charles Langlois, Managing Director for South East Asia and Australia.

Exceptional Masterpieces will also feature a whole host of special handcrafted creations from Lange’s Handwerskunst range, which has been introduced to the brand since 2011. The Handwerkskunst models are watches whose cases, movements and dials have been given exceptional and intricate finishing techniques. Very often, the finishing treatments on these watches represent the pinnacle of art and craftsmanship and are only practised by the most seasoned of artisans. Pieces to look out for at the exhibition include the Richard Lange Tourbillon Pour Le Merite Handwerkskunst in Honey Gold, the very first Handwerkskunst timepiece, and the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst.

In order to complete the full Lange narrative, a selection of seven rare pocket watches will be making their way to the exhibition from Lange’s manufactory in Dresden, Germany. They will allow exhibition-goers to better understand the brand history as well as the origins of its watchmaking craftsmanship.

A shortlist of the exhibition highlights: