Pre Baselworld 2016: Ressence Type 5BB

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Over the years, Ressence had wow-ed us with its interesting interpretation of telling time and its intriguing oil-filled dial. This year, they have decided to go a step further by creating a diving watch with a stealthy appearance: the Type 5BB.

According to Benoit Mintiens, the founder and designer of Ressence, the Type 5 is essentially the closure of a “virtuous circle”, which combines “technological refinement, industrial design, and fine watchmaking”. Indeed, the Type 5 is an incredible timepiece that consists of not only the elements of a typical Ressence watch, but also new improvements that improves the watch’s performance when it is being summoned upon tough or extreme conditions.


The new Ressence Type 5BB, featuring the Black DLC titanium case.

The new Ressence Type 5BB, featuring the Black DLC titanium case.


The Type 5, notably, is a well-built watch that is fitted with many innovations. First off, Ressence claims that it is the only mechanical watch to be perfectly readable underwater regardless of the viewing angle. This is attributed to the 37.5ml of oil that is filled in the watch case; its characteristics ensures that there is no Total Internal Reflection occurring (and hence the diver can read the watch from any angle, unlike an ordinary dive watch). The oil, concurrently, also helps to lubricate the components and compensates for any pressure that the watch might have underwater. Additionally, the Type 5 uses a Bellow System as well, in which when the oil volume contracts or expands with temperature, the mechanism will either compress or expand to ensure the fit of the oil within the watch.


The mechanisms of the Type 5, in full glory.

The various components of the Type 5, in full glory.


Next, the watch is powered by this fascinating mechanism called the Ressence Orbital Convex System, or ROCS for short. The ROCS is powered by the ETA 2824/2 movement, in which it uses the minutes indicator to extrapolate all the other temporal indications on the dial, such as the hours display. These different indicators sit in revolving discs that orbits inside the main disc of the minute display, and when the minute indicator moves, it makes the other indicators rotate along with it as well. Interestingly, the transmission is done using magnets, as the Type 5 is divided into two portions: the upper chamber which consists of the ROCS and oil, and the lower chamber that contains the movement.

The watch, as mentioned earlier, is powered by an ETA 2824/2 based movement. The automatic movement features a power reserve of approximately 36 hours, and its functions include an oil temperature gauge and a 90 second runner.


Taking a look at the Type 5BB's caseback...

Taking a look at the Type 5BB’s caseback…


In terms of aesthetics, the watch takes its inspiration from nature, specifically sea turtles. It was because it is an amphibious creature, and it draws parallel with the characteristics of this watch. It is also built with an uni-directional bezel, which blends in seamlessly with the 46mm titanium watch case. Notably, the titanium case comes with two different form of finishing for the owner to choose from: the polished/ satin titanium case (Type 5B) which was launched last year, or the black DLC titanium case (Type 5BB, as shown in the pictures above). The latter, together with the oil-filled dial, gives the watch a stealthy appearance. As per all Ressence pieces, the watch does not have a crown, and it additionally comes with the RCLS (Ressence Compression Lock System) that ensures maximum water-resistance of up to 10ATM.

The Ressence Type 5BB retails at EUR 31,500, including 20% VAT.



Technical Specifications:

Ressence Type 5BB

-Runner (90 Seconds)
-Oil Temperature

-Patented ROCS 5 – Ressence Orbital Convex System – driven by the minute axle of a
specially customised 2824/2 calibre
-Caseback winding and time setting with RCLS – Ressence Compression Lock System
-Magnetic Transmission
-Compensating Bellow System for the oil (7 Bellows)
-36 hours power reserve
-28,800 vibrations per hour
-41 jewels
-25 gears

-Convex grade 5 titanium dial (125mm radius) with 3 eccentric biaxial satellites inclined at 3°
(hours), 4.75° (thermal gauge and seconds)
-Engraved indications filled with blue and green Superluminova

-Grade 5 titanium / Grade 5 titanium with DLC coating
-Two separate sealed chambers with the upper one filled with 37.5 ml of oil
-Domed sapphire crystals top and bottom with both sides anti-reflective coating
-Uni-directional bezel
-46mm (diameter) x 15.5 mm (thickness)
-10 ATM water-resistance

Buckle and Strap:
-Ardillon Buckle in grade 5 titanium / grade 5 titanium with DLC coating
-Black Barenia leather & nato (24/22mm)

-31.500 EUR (incl 20% VAT)


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