Philippe Dufour Simplicity

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This is the iconic watch of the century…created by grand master watchmaker Philippe Dufour…after many years of only making super complicated watches…his portfolio before the Simplicity was the world premiere of a Grand et Petite Sonnerie on a wristwatch, and the world premiere of a wristwatch featuring dual, escapements to a single train known as the Duality.


This is my personal Simplicity, No. 7 out of a total production of 200.

The finish of the Simplicity is exquisite.

The movement is completely designed inhouse by Philippe…he does send the plates to be done up by CNC machines elsewhere, but he personally hand finishes all the movements.

Note the design of the bridges comprise of many intricately fashioned inward and outward curves and points. These require complete mastery of technique to do as well as you can see here.



  1. I was browsing through Philippe Dufour and realized I found a Singaporean with the love for PD watches. =)

    That's so cool.