News: The Chinese AHCI Candidates: see them in Singapore (details within)

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The rise of China in the world economic scene has been nothing short of amazing. And as a consumer market, the appetite for luxury and haute horlogerie timepieces have been meteoric. The Chinese market, whether at home in China or abroad has become the single most important client demographic. But other than the late Kiu Tai Yu and his tourbillons, we have not seen any other Chinese watchmaker of note. This might be set to change. Here we present two AHCI Candidates: Guo Ming and Lin Yong-Hua and their work. Both of them will be exhibiting in Singapore from October 17 to 21 at the JeweLuxe Exhibition, where Deployant is the Official Watch Media.


The two AHCI candidates who will show at JeweLuxe are Guo Ming and Lin Yong-Hua. We have not had hands on experience with their works, but from their own amateur photographs and descriptions, the watches look rather interesting.


Guo Ming

Guo Ming is based in Shanghai. His early influence was his father, who was a sewing machine repairman, and fired his interest in micro mechanics. While studying abroad, he worked a part time job at a vintage clock and watch store, where his interest grew rapidly. He apprenticed under Frank Jutzi, an AHCI member. On his return to China, Guo Ming started his own workshop in Shanghai, and served as a teacher at the Shanghai Industrial Technical School.



He will present his latest work at the JeweLuxe. Called the  “The Goddess Chang’e Flying to the Moon”, the watch is based on a Chinese legend. The story is set in ancient China, when there were 10 suns. As a result, the land was too hot to live in. A martial art master, Hou Yi took it upon himself to shoot down 9 of the suns with his bow but kept one to continue serving the people. Because of this feat, he became very successful as a martial art teacher and was well respected.


The dial appears to be a miniature painting, and an automata where the rabbit at 7 o’clock can be seen moving between two positions. The specifications do not describe, but we suspect the rabbit is the retrograde seconds hand, moving between two positions.


His mastery of the martial arts resulted in him discovering the elixir of life, which promises immortality in the form of transformation into a celestial being. Hou Yi was reluctant to leave his wife Chang’e, but he did not take the elixir, but hid it. The story goes that one of his students, Pang Meng knew about this elixir, and one day, while Hou Yi was away, he tried to force Chang’e to give him the elixir. And in an effort to prevent Pang Meng from taking it, Chang’e took it herself. She soon found that she was able to fly. And one day, she flew to the moon with her pet rabbit and lived there ever since.



We do not have specific details on the movement, and execution details on the artwork on the dial, but here are the specifications as provided by Ming.

Case Diameter: 43mm
Movement Diameter:37mm
Movement Height: 5.10mm
Adjustment: five-position adjustment
Functions: hours, minutes, retrograde second hands, moon phase

Price: RMB 50,000 (estimated SGD 10,400)
Price excludes delivery, insurance and taxes


Lin Yong-Hua

Lin Yong-Hua (LYH) began his career in 1991 at the age of 18. It is not clear where he apprenticed to learn watch craft but in 2016, he created his first watch. This was the Vinyl Record Watch. The watch is a tribute to the vanishing vinyl record and his memory of Chinese classical music played through it.


The design follows the name, with a vinyl record for the hour minute disc, a tone arm as the minute indicator. The hour is shown in an aperture as a digital jumping hour. And a musical note is used as a seconds hand. Also the balance cock bridge is also in the shape of a musical note.


Lin Yong-Hua will be showing the Vinyl Record Watch no 4, a derivative from his first watch which he calls No. 1. No 4  will have a 42mm round steel case. The watch is finished in gunmetal PVD coating with a domed sapphire crystal.



On the rear, No 4 shows a movement which the less elaborately finished than No. 1. The movement has similar specs as that in the No. 1 – hand-wound and 45-hours of power reserve – however, the three-quarter plate is coated to match the case.

New for JeweLuxe 2018, he will present a new watch which he calls Dragonfly Man 8.



The watch is based on the Chinese Traditional lucky number *, and features a hand made movement with manual winding and a 45 hour power reserve.

It is available in gold in a limited edition of 3 pieces each in red gold, white gold and yellow gold. A stainless steel edition is also available and is not limited.



We look forward to photographing and examining these watches in person during the JeweLuxe 2018, and you can too! Details of the show is as follows:

Date: October 17 to 21

Time: 1 to 8 PM

Venue: The Tent at Ngee Ann City, Singapore


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