New: Vulcain Grand Prix is back in 39mm!

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Vulcain releases a revival of their Grand Prix, now in a 39mm stainless steel case with 3 dial variants.

New: Vulcain Grand Prix

The retail price for the Vulcain Grand Prix is set at CHF 1,190, inclusive of VAT.


Vulcain is an old Swiss brand, with many interesting and well known products. Like many others, it laid at the brink of bankruptcy and was recently revived in 2022. And since then, the brand has been releasing some of their “greatest hits”, with modern touches. The Grand Prix is one such watch. The watch which carried the Grand Prix nomenclature was released in the 1960s (press release), though we can find references to the model name as far back as in the 1940s. The watch was not actually their most popular model. They are best known for alarm watches, which of course was released way back when they revived in 2022. But somehow the Grand Prix made it to their revival list.

The original Grand Prix was a strange collection of watches. Ranging from round and tonneau cases to even some models in square cases. But it had a classic charm. Which carries over to the novelties. The new watches are simple, classical looking with very beautiful aesthetics.

And are available in there options – with either a champagne, light grey or black dial. All dials have a semi-gloss sunray finish, and cased in a 39mm stainless steel case. All quite beautiful and elegant, and share the aesthetics of some offerings by Seiko/Grand Seiko and Citizen.

This paragraph was re-written on 22 February, 2024 based on information from Landeron Swiss Movements.

The movement is the Landeron L24 automatic. This movement is produced by Landeron Swiss Movements in La Chaux-de-Fonds and is based on Swiss movements, primarily ETA. The Landeron name has been historically important, and can be traced back the Hahn brothers who established a manufacture in the town of Le Landeron in 1873. The company, Charles Hahn & Cie merged with Fabrique d’Horlogerie de Fontainemelon in 1925 and joined the Swiss state supported Ebauches SA as founding members. By the early 1920s the company was simply referred to as Landeron. And by then, they were one of the leading Swiss suppliers of ebauches. They were particularly famous for their column wheel chronographs with their calibers 39, 49 and 52. These were made with the Breitling Montbrilliant patents which they acquired from Anatole Breitling in 1924. These movements were seen powering brands like Breitling, Cyma and others with column wheel chronographs. They continued development of the chronograph, and in 1937 released the Landeron 47, which pioneered the use of the cam activated chronograph function. And continued to supply the industry with ebauches. But like many Swiss manufactures, it fell victim to the quartz crisis and ceased operations in 1983. The brand name was subsequently acquired by Depa Luxury Distribution in 2015. With it came the rights to produce all Landeron movements and to market products under this name. The company name changed from Depa to Landeron Swiss Movements in 2022, and Depa ceased to exist. Landeron Swiss Movements continued to develop the movements working closely with partners. One partner is the Chiron Group in Germany. Landeron acquired the Chiron manufacturing center in 2023, giving them the capability to produce the movements in-house.

In terms of pricing, the price for all three models is listed as CHF 1,190 for calf leather strap, or calf leather with alligator print. Vulcan offers two models with CITES certified alligator straps for an additional CHF 280 premium.

Release information

Building on a watchmaking heritage spanning over 165 years, Vulcain is in full swing, reaffirming its mark on luxury watchmaking with every new reissue. Since 2022, under the stewardship of Guillaume Laidet, Vulcain’s CRO (Chief Revival Officer), the revered brand has been gaining momentum by reinterpreting iconic timepieces of its storied history, setting the tone for each season with the strategic launch of emblematic collections: 

– Vulcain Cricket: Autumn 2022

– Vulcain Skindiver: January 2023

– Vulcain Chronograph 1970: March 2023

– Vulcain Nautical: Autumn 2023

– Vulcain Monopusher: November 2023

Today, Vulcain celebrates another major milestone in its resurgence with the highly anticipated reissue of the Grand Prix, a watch that embodies a unique piece of history and prestige. Once again, Guillaume Laidet infuses the brand’s design with a modern sensibility while honoring its rich heritage. 

More than a watch, the Grand Prix is an appreciative nod to timeless elegance. It was originally introduced in the 1960s to commemorate Vulcain’s winning the top watchmaking award at the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition. The Grand Prix returns with a diameter of 39mm and a disarming price point of 1,400 CHF.

Always a perfect fit

Drink Scottish, smoke Cuban, drive German, kiss French and, wear Vulcain. Sober and elegant, the Vulcain Grand Prix on your wrist signals Kennedy more than Kardashian. This watch whispers when others shout; it expresses discreet luxury. Sophistication. Good taste. Its comfortable elegance ensures it is a subtle yet distinguished presence on the wrist – a personal statement of taste that is nobody else’s business. Transcending trends, it spells style and chic simplicity. 

‘Old money’ vibe

The Vulcain Grand Prix 39mm embodies elegance in its purest form. Slim and uncluttered, it tells time in the same manner, with precision both in terms of looks and functionality. Equipped with a Swiss Landeron automatic movement, the time-only watch features a domed crystal over a domed dial in true vintage style – details that place the Grand Prix squarely in the sights of those who appreciate refined watches. Its classic design and versatility make it the perfect complement to carefully curated outfits: double-breasted blazer, loafers, rakish scarf, Vulcain Grand Prix. The detail that makes the outfit perfect, anytime, anywhere. 

With its brushed/polished steel case, the Grand Prix offers a balanced, sophisticated aesthetic. Its domed dial – in Champagne, Light Grey or Black with a semi-glossy sunray finish – is enhanced by polished hour markers, adding a touch of timeless refinement that catches the eye. With a diameter of 39mm and a thickness of 12.70mm, the watch is perfectly balanced. A vintage touch: the Grand Prix is equipped with a double-dome sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, ensuring optimal legibility. It is water-resistant to 5 ATM or 50 meters, underscoring its versatility, not just in formal settings. The choice of brown or black leather strap with topstitching adds a touch of subtle style. The watch is powered by a Landeron L24 Swiss automatic movement for exceptional precision with a 40-hour power reserve. 


Pre-orders will be accepted starting [date]

On Vulcain’s website and at selected retailers : 

About Vulcain

Since its foundation in 1858, Vulcain has been a family-run company excelling in the development and production of complicated timepieces. It is the story of two talented watchmakers, the Ditisheim brothers, and a brand that takes its name from the Roman god Vulcan, the god of fire, volcanoes and the forge. In 1858, the Manufacture, located in the Neuchâtel mountains, the cradle of Swiss precision, quickly made a name for itself with minute repeaters, large and small chiming watches and perpetual calendars; horological masterpieces that won awards at numerous international exhibitions. 

Vulcan, or Hephaestus as known to the Greeks, is a god from Roman mythology, specifically the deity of fire, volcanoes, and the master of blacksmiths. There’s no quelling the fiery spirit that fuels the rebirth of this age-old brand. On the contrary, it is upon the glowing embers of a rich past that tomorrow is being forged.

Vulcain Grand Prix 39 Technical specifications 

3 versions (dial): Champagne, Light Grey, Black

Case: Polished 316L steel; diameter 39mm; thickness 12.70 mm

Dial: Domed, sunburst, semi-glossy dial in Champagne, Light Grey or Black

Crystal: Double-domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment

Water-resistance: 5 ATM (50 meters)

Movement : Landeron L24 Automatic

Functions: Hours, minutes, center seconds 

Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour

Power reserve: 40 hours

Strap: Brown or black leather, pin buckle

Retail price: 1290€ /1120£/ 1310$ /1190 CHF (excluding VAT, exchange rates at time of writing)


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