New: Lebond Souto Moura

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Lebond issues its next chapter of collaborations with architects, this time with Eduardo Souto de Moura, a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner. The new watch takes a rather different approach from the norm.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Lebond Souto Moura

The Lebond Souto Moura will retail at EUR 2,700 before taxes.

The Lebond Souto Moura Light Edition.


Lebond is an unusual and therefore interesting watch brand. They call themselves editors who make watches for those who are enthusiasts of architecture and watches. And pride themselves for their collaborations with architects to design special timepieces inspired by their architecture. The watches are Swiss made by contract. We are not really familiar with the maison, and this is the first time we have come across them, but as architecture enthusiasts, we are intrigued. We understand this is their second watch offering. The first is with Álvaro Siza and was a square watch case rotated 90 degrees. This second piece is with another architect, Eduardo Souto de Moura, known for his work for combining clean lines of abstract minimalism with local materials and building techniques.

The image of the building seen on the dial in the photograph above is a reflection of a real building behind the wearer and is not on the dial, which is plain beige. See below for an image of the building.

It appears the theme of rotating the dial is also a character in this second watch. Eduardo chose to rotate the dial of a round watch this time. Euardo is an winning architect, receiving the Pritzker Prize in 2011. He is often described as a “Meisan Architect”, in reference to his work which takes inspiration from the famous architect Mies van de Rohe.

Eduardo Souto de Moura

And he rotated the dial by 30 degrees, the indications face the owner squarely when p in resting position on top of a desk surface. The concept is rather interesting, but horologically, this is simply achieved by rotating the dial and movement by the desired amount. Though the final result, judging from the photographs in the press kit is quite good.

The Light Edition with a matte beige dial.

Two editions are proposed, the first is lacquered matt light beige, and the other in lacquered matte grey.

The Dark Edition with the matte grey dial.

Movement is a simple ETA 2892-A2 with what seems to be rather simple finishing. Again we are judging based on images from the press photographs, as we have not yet had the opportunity to examine a sample in close quarters.

Edouard’s signature adorns the sapphire case back.

Pricing wise, perhaps the asking price of EUR 2.7k is par for the course for a well designed watch using standard components – case, dial, hands and movement being unremarkable but fully functional.

Release details


‘Minimalism with an architect’s touch’

The first Lebond, designed by Álvaro Siza, proved that magic happens when celebrated architects take up their pen and design a watch. Today, this journey gets another chapter with a timepiece designed by Eduardo Souto de Moura. This renowned architect won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2011 and is known for his clean lines, in which he gives minimalism a comfortable serenity.

“The 12 is the reference, and we rotate 30 degrees for optimal visibility on the wrist.” – Eduardo Souto de Moura

Eager to give a new spin on familiar things, Souto de Moura drew a round watch and turned the dial, movement, and crown 30 degrees clockwise. The result is an architect’s take on a driver’s watch. While the shape is familiar, the literal twist in the design plays with the mind and changes your perception not only of the watch but also of the way you experience time itself. Always in favor of clean lines, Souto de Moura kept the dial as pure as possible. Stick hands offer a bold contrast against the color of the dial, clearly indicating the exact time. As 12 is the reference, Souto Moura mixed an Arabic numeral with a bold hour marker, automatically grabbing your eye’s attention and guiding you through the familiar act of telling time, even forgetting that you are doing so at a 30-degree different angle. Matching markers at the three, six, and nine o’clock positions bring symmetry, aided by the more modest dashes indicating the remaining hours and the dots in between them telling the minutes.

“I want the watch to be and feel as slim as possible.” – Eduardo Souto de Moura

Completely aware that his creations have an actual purpose beyond being beautiful, the Lebond Souto Moura is fitted with a date function. This allows the watch to be an even more intricate part of its owner’s day and offers another way to interact with the timepiece. In order to fulfill Souto de Moura’s desire to make the watch as slim as possible, a 38.5mm large case was crafted from grade 5 titanium. With the strap attached underneath it, the case thickness is a mere 7.6mm, and the total weight of the watch is only 46grams. The timepiece includes a domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating, allowing a clear view of the dial. The micro-sandblasted finish of the case is protected by an anti-fingerprint coating, ensuring that it continues to look pristine for longer.

The ticking heart of the Lebond Souto Moura is an ETA 2892-A2. This automatic, Swiss-made caliber runs at 28,800 VpH/4Hz and offers a generous power reserve of 50 hours. It is decorated with blued screws, Geneva stripes, and circular graining. The movement can be admired through a sapphire insert in the titanium grade 5 caseback, which is adorned with Eduardo Souto de Moura’s autograph. Each of the Lebond Souto Mouras is individually numbered.

“I arrived at the office feeling bored, but when I saw the latest pictures of the watch, I became excited.” – Eduardo Souto de Moura

Being involved every step of the way, Souto de Moura made this Lebond his own, adding another exciting chapter to his impressive career. The watch is available in two different versions, both of which share the same 38.5mm-diameter titanium grade 5 case and ETA 2892-A2 movement. The ‘Original Edition’ showcases a matte beige dial paired with a navy blue Top Nappa leather strap. The ‘Dark Edition’ presents a matte grey dial complemented by a matching black Top Nappa leather strap. As wearing comfort matters as much to architects like Souto de Moura as it does to Lebond, this timepiece is also fitted with a custom deployment clasp. Made from titanium grade 5 as well, this clasp secures the watch safely and comfortably around your wrist in a style matching the watch itself.


Case: Titanium grade 5, micro-sanded matte finish with anti-fingerprint coating. Individually numbered. Case thickness 7.6mm. Case diameter 38.5mm. Lug to lug length 38.5mm. 50m water resistance.

Caliber: ETA 2892-A2, Swiss mechanical movement with automatic winding. 28.800 vibrations per hour / 21 jewels / 50 hours power reserve. 

Dial: Lacquered matte light beige (Original Edition) / Lacquered matte grey (Dark Edition)

Hands: Lacquered matte black 

Crystal: Front domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Back sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating with Eduardo Souto de Moura’s signature.

Strap: 18mm wide, Navy blue Top Nappa leather strap (Original Edition) / Black Top Nappa leather strap (Dark Edition) 

Deployant clasp: Titanium grade 5 clasp, micro-sanded matte finish with anti-fingerprint coating. 316L stainless steel blades, micro-sanded matte finish with anti-fingerprint coating.


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