New: Frederic Jouvenot Helios Albedo

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Independent watchmaker Frédéric Jouvenot releases another rendition of his interesting Helios collection, taking his sundial on the watch interpretation further.

Press release details with commentary in italics.

New: Frederic Jouvenot Helios Albedo

The new Frederic Jouvenot Helios Albedo has a Public Price: CHF 44,000. Contact Frederic Jouvenot for further information and ordering.


Frédéric Jouvenot burst into the scene some 11 years ago, with a watch which looked at the time display of the sundial, and used interpreted it in a rather innovative mechanical way. He made the first Helios using 12 cone like markers radiating from the center of the watch. The cones are laterally finished such that half of it is in one colour and the other half in another. As the cones rotate each hour, it turns to show the other side, thereby indicating the hour.

At noon, all the twelve sunbeams are turned gold, representing daylight. At that precise moment, the dial represents the sun at its zenith. As time passes, the rays turn black one after another, clockwise; the dial darkens and announces oncoming night. Midnight is represented by twelve dark beams. The sunbeams will then turn to gold until mid-day, thus completing a full 24 hour cycle. The minutes are displayed by means of a central rotating disk. 

Frederic Jouvenot GIF showing (another Helios model) how the hour indication is displayed.

The complication is said to be more complicated than a standard tourbillon. Frederic quotes that a standard tourbillon fits 80 components into a space within a diameter of 13mm, the Helios fits 100 components within the same 13mm central cage which activates the flipping motion of the cones to display the hours.

This novelty is his latest interpretation of the concept. The collection Helios takes its name from the Greek Helios (Sun) and model derives its name from the Latin Albedo (whiteness), a term used in astronomy to describe the reflective property of planets, asteroids, celestial bodies and surfaces.

Release details


Inspired by the ancient world, the great explorers, and the astronomical instruments they invented… Frederic Jouvenot collections are all about invention, innovative concepts, with a spice of poetry and artistic sensitivity.


Fascinated by the Sun, the intricate play of light and shade in a three-dimensional playground, and how humanity came to master one of the first horological device… Frederic Jouvenot developed the very first mechanical sundial, a micro-mechanics marvel that embodies his disruptive take on modern watchmaking.

Whereas a Tourbillon cage usually fits 80 components in 13mm, Frederic Jouvenot 24-hour Jumping cage is the result of a 2-year R&D and several patents, fitting 100 components in a 12.916 mm central cage, including 24 rubies which will activate the hour’s jumping beams.


The “Helios” collection pays a tribute to the Greek mythologies, being the very first hour display over 24 hours that shows the sun’s path and the alternation of night and day.

From Latin “whiteness”, Albedo is a term related to Astronomy, describing the reflective property of planets, asteroids, celestial bodies & surfaces.

Limited to 28 pieces, the “Helios Albedo” dial is made of 12 black-polished symmetrical micro-structures, using a very traditional hand-finishing technique that takes hours to give each single element its mirror-like effect. 

The result is a mesmerizing optical effect where surfaces reflect each other, contrasting with the 12 golden sunbeams that appear and then flip over one after another.

The manual movement, entirely developed by Frederic Jouvenot, pays homage to the finest Swiss Watchmaking traditions.

Frederic Jouvenot Helios Albedo Technical Specifications

General information:

  • Three-dimensional dial with 12 black-polished symmetrical micro-structures
  • 12 sunbeams hour-display with 12 jumping hours indicating day and night (patented system)
  • Central Minute rotating disk
  • 28-piece limited edition
  • Swiss made
  • Two-year warranty


  • 50-hour power reserve mechanical movement developed by Frederic Jouvenot.
  • Mainplate and bridges beveled and decorated with “Côtes de Genève”
  • Screw-adjusted balance, frequency of 28,800 vph 
  • A hundred components are found inside the 24-hour jumping cage, measuring 12 mm diameter and 5 mm height
  • 42 jewels 

Case & Others:

  • 44x55x13mm Titanium case, 50m waterproof
  • Sapphire glass and case back with antireflective coating
  • Black DLC titanium folding clasp
  • Black alligator leather strap
  • Specific original presentation box, USB guarantee card, user manual

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