New: E.C. Andersson the Poseidon

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Swedish independent E.C. Anderson releases its most competent tool watch to compete with the best. Introducing the Poseidon.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: E.C. Andersson the Poseidon


This is the second feature of E.C. Andersson watches we have covered. The first, the Calypso II, was a beautiful textured dial with Scandinivavian motif. This time round, they have gone a more ambitious in terms of the case design and aesthetics. Touted to be their most capable watch, the Poseidon is a dive watch of sorts (not ISO 6425 certified), but highly suitab;e as a tool watch or an adventure timepiece.

The watch looks very attractive, with clear, legible dial layout, and an AM/PM indicator in the form of a disc in two colours – white and orange reminiscent of the (non-moving) no-rad logo on the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Mil-Spec. The clever use of this indicator allows the user to work out the direction of true north, with instructions on how to perform this engraved on the case back. A very clever detail for a function that is not frequently used, but easily available when needed.

The case is a nicely sized 40mm with a thick sapphire crystal, and the bezel teeth with a rather big overhand to ensure easy grip, even with thick gloves. The bezel is bi-rotating. The movement used is the cheep and cheerful Miyota 9134, which is easy to not only tough, but reliable and easy to regulate.

A very small run of only 120 pieces, available online, and in an interesting pricing scheme, where the price is discounted off the “retail price”, but the discount quantum decreases with every 20th order, rising from SGD 1,120 to SGD 1,265. We have requested for a review sample, and will report back on the quality of the product once we receive it.

Release information

Following the release of the Calypso II, a sophisticated sports watch, E.C. Andersson Watch Co. is complementing its lineup with a heavy-duty timepiece, designed to be worn in the most demanding environments.

Some might call it an adventure watch, a survival watch or an all-inclusive tool-watch. No matter the title, the all new E.C.A Poseidon is the company’s most capable timepiece yet, feature-packed and built to withstand just about anything you throw at it. The watch is available in a limited run of 120 pieces, at

One thing enthusiasts has come to love with E.C.Andersson’s design language is its ability to pack multiple features into its watches and still keep a clean and uncluttered appearance. The Poseidon is easy to read, even at a glance, as the primary information is presented in sharper contrast than the secondary. Another innovative move by E.C.A was designing the power-reserve and am/pm indicators as disks, which helps users avoid mistaking the features for markers or hands when giving the watch a quick peek.

The am/pm indicator, which is displayed in white and orange just below the center of the dial, is partly used together with the bezel as a second time zone, but is also a part of the watch’s compass feature. With help from the sun and by combining the straight markers of the bezel and the colors of the 24h disk, true north can be established with great accuracy. Notably, you don’t have to memorize how to do this to use the feature, as instructions are etched into the Poseidon’s case-back and is thus with you at all times.

Protecting the mechanical functions of the Poseidon is a sturdy and well-proportioned 40mm case, equipped with a 2.4mm shockproof sapphire crystal. The AR-coating is applied on the inside, making it as impervious to scratches as the ceramic insert surrounding it. The bezel itself is machined into rugged teeth with an 0.5mm overhang to ensure easy grip even if you’re wearing thick gloves.


Ceramic bi-directional timing bezel, second time zone, 2-stage compass, 24 hour-am/pm disk, power reserve disk, date calendar, 2.4mm shockproof sapphire, 120m water resistance and an automatic movement regulated in-house – That’s an impressive spec list for the approximately 800 USD starting price.

The Poseidon is available in a limited run of 120 pieces at E.C.Andersson’s website. As always, early customers enjoy a generous price reduction. The watch is expected to sell out during pre-orders, which is now live at:


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