New: Chronoswiss Opus 40th Anniversary in Titanium

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Chronoswiss celebrates its 40th Anniversary with the addition of two new models to their Opus model, both in titanium case with skeletonised dials – one in blue and a vivid green favoured by founder Gerd Lang.

Press release information with commentary in italics.

New: Chronoswiss Opus 40th Anniversary in Titanium

The Chronoswiss Opus in titanium Ref. CH-7543T.1S-DGR and CH-7543T.1S-BL2 has a suggested retail price of CHF 13,900 before tax.


Chronoswiss celebrates their 40th anniversary in style (our opinion) with the release of their most iconic chronograph – the Opus in titanium.

The colours chosen are also interesting, as the blue is usually hot wiht the collector crowd, but also in a vivid green which is the favourite colour of founder Gred Lang. Gerd would use green ink on his green fountain pen, and was quite a character who loved both the chronograph as a medium of horological expression, as well as vintage motor cars.

Gerd, sadly passed away earlier this year at 80 years old. We think it is a rather nice tribute to him that the green edition is also known as the Racing version.

These watches are not new, but now issued in a titanium case, and using the same C.741S, a Valojoux chronograph. The bridges of the movement are galvanised black.

Pricing wise, we think this is a competitive offering, at just a tad below CHF 14k, even with a regular chronograph without an open worked dial. But with the iconic Chronoswiss Opus dial skeletonising, this tips the scale to be quite a bit more attractive.

Release details

A Milestone in the Journey of 40 Years of Horological Excellence: The Opus Titanium

As Chronoswiss celebrates its 40th anniversary, the Swiss watchmaker is thrilled to unveil two new variants of its groundbreaking Opus model, a timepiece that revolutonized watchmaking when first introduced in 1995 as the world’s inaugural serially-produced self- winding skeletonized chronograph.

Lighter, Brighter, and More Striking Than Ever

The two innovative models now feature cases craIed from grade 5 titanium, delivering unparalleled comfort without compromising versatility. The lightweight material enhances wearing pleasure, perfectly aligning with the modern ethos of mobility and ease. Simultaneously, the new dials in vivid green and blue represent the though aesthetic evolution this historic timepiece has undergone. CVD-coated for irresis?ble metallic allure, these colors inject a new vibrancy, revitalising the watch’s aesthetic appeal.

The Opus has been instrumental in shaping Chronoswiss’s 40-year legacy – a pivotal piece meticulously refined over decades. Its revolutionary design exposed the intricate ballet of cams and levers, captivating imaginations and contributing to the renaissance of traditional watchmaking. Today’s variants are powered by caliber C.741S, a Valjoux-based integrated chronograph movement with galvanic black skeletonized bridges.

“The new Opus Titanium arrives just in time to mark our 40th anniversary. This watch is not just a product; it’s a statement of our relentless pursuit of innovation and our respect for tradition,” states Oliver Ebstein, CEO of Chronoswiss. “Once again, we’re set to wow the world, just as our brand did back in the ’90s.”

Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph in Ti Specifications