New: Casio G-SHOCK Master of G Poison Dart Frogman GWF-A1000APF-1A

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Casio releases a new G-SHOCK Master of G Frogman celebrates 30 years with a model inspired by the multi-hued poison dart frog from South America.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Casio G-SHOCK Master of G Poison Dart Frogman GWF-A1000APF-1A

The Casio G-SHOCK Master of G Poison Dart Frogman GWF-A1000APF-1A watch is priced at SGD 1,699 inclusive of GST. Available for purchase on and at all G-SHOCK stores from 2 February 2023.


The Casio Frogman was first released in 1993, and this year, to celebrate the 30 years with an anniversary model based on the GWF-A1000, but in a resin and carbon case with motif inspiration taken from the colourful poison dart frog of the Amazon rain forests.

The case is made of carbon and fiber glass which are striking and randomly coloured detailing over a semitransparent urethane base. The appearance is to mimic the skin of the frog.

The pricing is SGD 100 more than the regular GWF-A1000C-1A with its Resin / Stainless steelCarbon monocoque case vs the Resin / Carbon case of the Poison Dart.

Release details

First released in 1993, the FROGMAN timepiece broke new depths as the G-SHOCK Master of G model that was capable of withstanding the ISO standard of diving to 200 metres. 

This year, as the FROGMAN celebrates 30 years since that deep dive into innovation, G-SHOCK is proud to release an anniversary model, inspired by the poison dart frogs of the Amazon rain forests in South America. 

The G-SHOCK FROGMAN Poison Dart uses the base model of the GWF-A1000 and dresses it with a unique motif of the poison dart frog. Its name comes from the poison darts that use the venom of the frogs and are shot from blowguns in hunting. 

Randomly laminated multi-color carbon and fiberglass are carved to create bezels that reproduce the mysterious coloring of the poison dart frog. This, combined with semitransparent urethane material, reproduces the appearance of the poison dart frog’s skin. 

Polarized ink is also used to recreate the image of the frog’s mottled skin pattern. Even the frog character on the watch’s back cover, which identifies this watch as part of the FROGMAN series, sports the spotted pattern of a poison dart frog. 

The Deep Dive

The G-SHOCK FROGMAN Poison Dart features a full analog dial display with a wide array of function data. A dual-coil motor enables high-speed hour hand, minute hand, and inset dial hand movement for speedy switching between Timekeeping, Diving, Tide Graph, and other modes. In the Diving Mode, the forward and reverse movement of the second hand shows measurement of the dive time and surface intervals.

 It comes with a fluoroelastomer band with polarized color spray paint, carefully applied to the band to express the texture of the poison dart frog’s body. Polarizing paint enables the color to change according to the viewing angle and lighting, just like the frog’s skin, while the fluoroelastomer material resists dirt and hydrolysis. 

The face of the watch is protected by a sapphire crystal that is scratch-resistant and highly transparent with an anti-reflective coating on the inside surface. 

On functionality, the Dive Mode displays both dive time (clockwise second hand movement) and surface interval time (counterclockwise movement). Both the hour hand and minute hand indicate the current dive time minutes for better readability. In the Tide Mode, the indicator dial at 3 o’clock shows tide information for a specific location. The dial at 8 o’clock shows the current time at the location.

The watch comes with Smartphone Link that wirelessly links with a host of Bluetooth enabled devices. At the simple download of an app on your phone, you can access auto time adjustment, simple watch-setting, approximately 300 World Time cities and even activate a Phone Finder feature. It also boasts a Tough Solar Power feature that recharges itself on solar energy for longer battery life.It also has the the complete technical specifications of the G-SHOCK seal of shock resistance, 200m water resistance, hourly time signals, countdown timer and hand shift feature. 

Casio G-SHOCK Master of G Poison Dart Frogman GWF-A1000APF-1A Specifications

ConstructionSolar Powered, Shock Resistant, Magnetic Resistant
Water Resistance200 meters
Communication SpecificationsBluetooth® low energy
Dual Time27 time zones, Home time swapping, auto summer-time (DST) switching
Diving Mode1 second increments, up to 1:59’59Surface time up to 24 hoursLog data up to 30 seconds
Stopwatch1 second stopwatchMeasuring capacity: 23:59’59”
Countdown TimerMeasuring unit: 1 secondCountdown range: 24 hoursCountdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments)
AlarmDaily alarm
Mobile Link Features
(Wireless linking with Bluetooth® devices)
Auto time adjustmentAutomatic connection
Simple watch setting
Approximately 300 world time cities Time & placePhoto FinderTide Point Setting
Diving log
Other FunctionsFull auto-calendar (to year 2099); Date display; Day indicator; Regular timekeeping; Power saving; LED Light; Time Calibration Signal Reception (Receive up to 6* times a day, up to 5 chinese calibraration signals and frequency); Hand shift feature
Power SourceTough Solar power system (solar-charging system)
Continuous OperationAbout 5 months after full charge, using all functions but without solar chargingAbout 30 months with the power-saving function ON after full charge
Accuracy at Normal Temperature±15 seconds per month
Size of Case56.7 × 51.7 × 19.7 mm
Total WeightApprox. 110g